Erlanger mega building area falls through

Erlanger mega building area falls through

Jurgen Kern stands in his field with a broad grin. "I am very happy about the outcome of the council decision", says the farmer after the decisive ballot, which took place in parallel with the state elections in Erlangen on Sunday. In the program, the citizens were asked by the city council whether they wanted "preparatory studies for a new district in the west of the city" would support.

Approximately 55 per cent of those eligible to vote voted with "no" so that the investigations decided in May by the city council to the planned mega-building area "West 3" cannot be continued. Mayor Florian Janik (SPD) has already called the vote a "defeat" and was "disappointed" shown about the outcome of the vote. "Democracy also brings defeats and this – albeit close – vote is a defeat", said Janik, who wants "affordable housing" on the 200-hectare site between Buchenbach and Herzogenaurach wanted to create.

Farmers did not believe Janik

Farmers, on the other hand, are in a jubilant mood. Like Antonius Korner, many people are still angry with the mayor. The head of the city had wanted to take the farmers by surprise and "secretly, quietly and silently" want to whip the urban development measure through the city council. In addition, Janik had "fooled" the citizens, that affordable housing would be built in the city’s western part. Many farmers can only laugh about it.


Sulzfeld also loses jorg otto

Sulzfeld also loses Jorg Otto

Now also Jorg Otto. The attacking midfielder is leaving the district league club TSV Sulzfeld at the end of the season and will join the future Landesliga club Bayern Kitzingen in the summer. "In the two years in Sulzfeld, I didn’t develop athletically," says the 25-year-old, who missed the competition in view of the small Sulzfeld team squad. "I am looking for a new challenge to play at the limit again."

Around Jorg Otto had striven until last also its former club, the TSV Abtswind, which will move in all probability likewise into the national league. Before Otto, his brother Sebastian Otto as well as Albert Fischer had already announced to leave the club. The two join Abtswind. "All the other first-team players have given us their word to stay," says Sulzfeld’s sports director Bernd Hering, who is in charge of the team until the end of the season after the resignation of coach Martin Lang and wants to save it from falling into the district league.

The three departures are offset by eight new additions so far: Daniel Hack (comes from FG Marktbreit/Martinsheim), Peter Zay (TSV Unterpleichfeld), Niklas Pfarr (Dettelbach and districts), Felix Rahmann (SV Sickershausen), Manuel Sulz (SG Buchbrunn/Mainstockheim) as well as Pascal Hering, Constantin Huber and Marvin Staudt, who all joined TSV from the juniors of Dettelbach and its districts. "We are still trying to find two or three newcomers," says Bernd Hering, who is on the lookout for a goalkeeper in particular.


New faction for lone wolves?

In the Bad Rodach city council has done a lot of things. Possibly there will be some changes: Rainer Mobus from the Future Forum (ZKF) will have to fight his way through as a lone fighter – after his list lost two seats – or choose the way into a larger parliamentary group – or form his own with city council members in a comparable situation. "At the moment everything is still open. A merger with the Free Voters (FW) is certainly a possibility", he says. Such a step seems plausible also because the ZKF is a spin-off of the FW. Ernst-Wilhelm Geiling – who will again sit for the latter in the city council – also considers such an option to be obvious: "I could imagine Rainer Mobus approaching us – before he fights his way through as a lone fighter."

However, he also considers other possibilities: "I can also imagine a parliamentary group with Klaus Geuther (SBB) and Matthias Thumser (oDP), the two other non-attached members." A cooperation with the two green city councils is also conceivable for him. "We are almost all known to each other. Before the first city council meeting, we will have found a constellation", Mobus summarizes the situation.

SPD and CSU strongly represented


Kulmbach tire thief caught red-handed

Kulmbach tire thief caught red-handed

For several months, a tire thief had kept the investigators of the Kulmbach police inspection in suspense. In the entire city area numerous vehicle owners had become damaged, after which at their vehicles up to four tires "flattened" had. After extensive investigations now in the night to Saturday two 33 and 34-year-old men could be caught in the act.

Decoy vehicle parked

The trap snapped shut shortly after midnight. A police decoy vehicle was parked in the settlement and observed by civilian forces. There in the course of the series already several vehicles had been damaged.

A suspect who had already been targeted by investigators stopped his car shortly after the witching hour. After it had destroyed all tires at the parked vehicle, the assigned forces arrested it still on the way back to its vehicle without resistance.


Habfurt district court punishes “neighborly psychological warfare with a fine

Before the district court in Hassfurt had to face on Wednesday a 61-year-old "part-time pensioner" to answer for threats and insults. He was sentenced. For many years there have been problems between the man and his neighbors, which is why they have been in court before. At that time, in February, the court had not succeeded in pacifying both parties.
Now there was a reunion in court. According to the prosecutor, the 61-year-old had threatened his neighbors in June 2016: "I’m going to kill you both!." In November he had insulted his neighbor and announced: "I’ll get you too"." Repeatedly, the 61-year-old is said to have built a kind of altar on his terrace with candles. Statements such as: "I’ll put your lights on" had fallen.
The defense attorney, Bernhard Langer, disagreed. In his opinion, the neighbor could not see and possibly not hear his client because of the overgrowth between the two properties. He also questioned the credibility of the woman. Among other things the accused had been demonstrably in the hospital on one of the dates on which he had allegedly threatened the woman.
The officer in charge of the case at the police station in Hassfurt, who has been dealing with both parties since 2015, stated that it was a case of testimony against testimony. She considers the statements of the injured party to be credible.

"I’ll finish you off"

The injured party herself, a 46-year-old employee, affirmed that since the man had announced in June that "I’m going to finish you both off", she said in an obviously distressed tone, she was very stressed and afraid. "My husband and I just want to have our peace", she said, obviously stricken. "So much has happened, I can no longer place everything exactly in time", she affirmed on detail questions of the court "I do not manage that any more. He has to wait for me, I’m not even in the garden for a minute and he already appears on the scene", said the woman still.
Her husband, as he testified, wants to have heard the insult towards his wife. Also that with the candles and the threat he had overheard. "My wife suffers greatly, our quality of life has changed negatively", he said. Because of the incidents they no longer use the terrace and have stretched privacy sails.
The Federal Central Register showed no entry for the defendant. The representative of the prosecution saw the charge confirmed and requested a fine of 80 daily rates of 70 euros each.
The defender saw it differently. He demanded acquittal, because in his opinion the accusations of the crime were in no way proven.
Judge Ilona Conver saw it differently. "This is a neighborly psycho war", she said and sentenced the accused to a fine of 2700 euros. Defender Langer immediately announced to go to appeal.


Daniel finn elected new chairman of sv wildflecken

The members unanimously elected the new board of directors. Andreas Schmid and Ralf Benkert also received such a vote as secretary. Ralf Losert and Gabriele large were re-elected as treasurers into their office as well as Horst Tong and Sebastian Hauke as Beisitzer of the managing executive committee shank. Mayor, Alfred Schrenk (SPD) wished them as well as the club all the best for the next years. He pointed out again that the municipality of Wildflecken supports the association.

The outgoing chairman informed before about the positive economic situation of the SV Wildflecken.

Rather bad development

As a bitter aftertaste, he also had to draw attention to the rather poor development in various departments. After he had presented the accountability report, he handed over the word to the individual department heads. With the help of a Power Point presentation, the situation of the individual departments was made comprehensible to the participants during the demonstration. There is also a lot of work to be done here and there due to a downward trend.

Thanks and recognition were given to Jurgen Peterek, who in 1980 as 2. Chairman began his work at SV Wildflecken. 1986 to 1. He has led the association in an exemplary and reliable manner up to the present day. The activities of Helmut Raab, who actively supported the association during his 44 years in office, were also praised. Under six chairmen, he acted as secretary, and in some cases also as minute-taker – as the "girl for everything", so to speak. The achievements of Raab and Peterek will be honored in an appropriate setting at the New Year’s reception in January 2014.


Canal renovation in grebhausen goes into the money

Big tasks must and/or would like the municipality Gadheim in the coming years to master. These include the village renewal in Ottendorf, the construction of a new building yard and a fire station for the newly formed Gadheim-Ottendorf Volunteer Fire Department in Gadheim, and the sewer renovation in Grebhausen. With all these topics the local council dealt on Monday evening.

As a "bitter blow described mayor Peter Kraus the realization that in Grebhausen the entire channel in the road from the fire pond to the chestnuts must be completely renewed. During the TV inspection of the sewers, not only "new" sewers were found Canal strands discovered. It also turned out that the damage to the sewer and house connections is enormous.

"This is a scenario that we did not expect in this way.", says Peter Kraus "but we have to tackle this task." The plan is to carry out the sewer renewal when the district renovates the county road.


Charming wreath of lights around the church in moggast

Charming wreath of lights around the church in Moggast

Perpetual adoration has been in its current form since the middle of the 18th century. Introduced by Prince-Bishop von Seinsheim at the end of the 18th century, an essential part of the ecclesiastical year in the Archdiocese of Bamberg. It almost developed into a more tourist attraction in Pottenstein or retains its deep religious character with many visitors in Obertrubach. In both cases, the procession of lights plays a formative role at the end. Almost overlooked, however, are the many parishes that celebrate this day in a less spectacular way: like the parish of St. Francis of Assisi. Stephanus Moggast on the Jura plateau in Franconian Switzerland.

Due to a shortage of priests, the parish is now served by Pastor Florian Stark from Pretzfeld. Days before the perpetual adoration 22 altar boys from the associated villages Morschreuth, Burggaillenreuth and Windischgaillenreuth found themselves in the outbuilding of the property of church caretaker Friedrich Wolfel. Over the year they had collected candle remnants to melt down. Then the "Minis" carved still the necessary wood shavings to prepare in tins the light decoration for the final procession for the decoration. The parish council chairman and sacristan Ulrich Angermeier and numerous employees of his committee supported them in the process.

First Communion children

At the end of the Perpetual Adoration, Father Florian Stark celebrated the final service concelebrating with Father Vijaya Raja Boddu. In his homily, pastoral advisor Andreas Lowenfelder spoke about the multiplication of the loaves and took the opportunity to introduce the First Communion children for 2018.


Galileo to make car traffic of the future safer

Galileo to make car traffic of the future safer

Europe’s satellite navigation system Galileo should make traffic safer in the future. In contrast to GPS and other systems, an authentication service is provided for Galileo to prevent the transmission of manipulated or falsified position data.

"Satellite signals are not encrypted, so it is possible to send fake signals to a receiver," Galileo chief Carlo des Dorides told the German Press Agency in Munich. "With authenticated signals, this risk can be reduced." Galileo is the only navigation system that offers this function, he said.

"If the position data received by autonomous vehicles were not correct, it would drastically undermine the concept of automated cars," said the director of the Prague-based satellite navigation authority GSA. Authentication means that, in addition to position signals, the satellites send data signatures that receiver devices can identify as genuine using a key.


Sarah lucas lets women throw 1000 eggs in exhibition

Sarah Lucas lets women throw 1000 eggs in exhibition

Whether as an object in still life, a natural symbol of rebirth, or even a tiny stand-in for the artist himself: The egg keeps popping up in the art world, from Paul Cezanne to Salvador DalI to Martin Kippenberger.

For her first retrospective in the U.S., British sculptor Sarah Lucas has now used 1000 real eggs at once. In New York she had women throw the chicken eggs on a white wall. The result is the large-scale work "One Thousand Eggs: For Women" and part of her exhibition at the "New Museum".

After the action, brown eggshells and orange yolks are now stuck to the wall on the second floor of the museum. "It’s not about sullying everything. It’s about being really neat and making the most beautiful egg painting," she had previously said about the work. Lucas had already organized the action a year ago in Berlin’s Contemporary Fine Arts (CFA) gallery as well as in Mexico, both on Easter. When a number of women in New York simultaneously slapped eggs on the wall, Lucas said, according to the website ArtNews, "It’s a bit like fireworks, or?"