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Friederike Stark

Get out of the usual environment, see something different, discover something new. You don’t have to travel far, you can also spend a great vacation day in your home country. For example in the Habberge, more precisely in Konigsberg in Bavaria.
The best way to get there is by car to Konigsberg. A good place to park is south of the old town on the "Bleichdamm" next to the town hall (Altershauser Strabe in the direction of the town center). In the north of the small town lies the sports grounds, where there are further parking spaces (also for motor homes). Both parking lots are only a 5-minute walk from Konigsberg’s enchanting Old Town.

9 a.m.: This is also the starting point of our tour. In order to start the day invigorated, we first have breakfast.

11 a.m.: Afterwards, a walk through the old town of Konigsberg is worthwhile. Since Konigsberg was almost completely destroyed by fires during the 30 Years’ War (1618 to 1648), most of the buildings today date from the 17th century. Century the townscape. The small town in Lower Franconia is therefore known for its well-preserved half-timbered houses, most of which are more than 300 years old. The half-timbered house ensemble at the central salt market, for example, is completely under monument protection. There is also a monument to Regiomontanus (Latin for "The Konigsberger"), who was born in Konigsberg in 1436. The scientist, whose real name was Johannes Muller, was an important mathematician and astronomer of the late Middle Ages. He is, along with three other important personalities for Konigsberg, a figure of the daily sounding carillon at the town hall – also a sight of the city (daily at 11 a.m.).30 o’clock and 15.40 o’clock).

12 o’clock: After so much city history we now go into the nature – up to the castle ruin Konigsberg on the Schlossberg. The walk up the Schlossberg from the old town takes less than a quarter of an hour. However, the castle ruins can also be reached by car.
At the top you will be rewarded with a wide view of the Habberge mountains. The Schlossberg restaurant in the historic courtyard invites you to stop for a bite to eat. The castle on the Schlossberg was presumably built in 1168 on the orders of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa and was already in use in the 12th century. The castle was first mentioned in documents in the 16th century. The castle had survived all wars without destruction, but was abandoned in 1754 and visibly deteriorated. However, the "Schlossberggemeinde", which has been in existence since 1921, has a long history has made it its business to maintain the castle ruins.

13.30 a.m.: Starting from the Schlossberg, we now have several options, depending on time and desire. For from up here, various historic hiking trails lead to scenic views. Here we decide to hike to Unfinden, a district of Konigsberg. We walk along the signposted nature experience path, which brings us to the Rennweg, which we follow to Urwiese.
Now continue on the footpath on the right side and then along the romantic hollow way. A detour to the Huthauschen with a viewpoint is worthwhile. Finally, we pass vineyards and reach the wine and half-timbered village of Unfinden.

15.30 o’clock: The place was taken up by the national office for monument protection to the list of the particularly protection-worthy ensembles. The Ganerbendorf impresses with its imposing half-timbered buildings with numerous coat of arms and is part of the Road of Half-Timbered Romanticism, which runs through the Habberge Nature Park.
A special feature in the small town is the brewery in Unfinden. After a break of more than 50 years, it was restored by hard-working helpers and put back into operation in 2008. The "uflder Hausbraubier" is held here regularly about four times a year brewed.

5 p.m.: Last but not least, a stop at a real hedge inn in Unfinden is worthwhile, after which you can stretch your legs for the last time this day on the sidewalk along the road to Konigsberg, back to the car.

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