Arts and crafts of the finest on the first advent in the waaggasse

Arts and crafts of the finest on the first Advent in the Waaggasse

Arts and crafts at their best on the first weekend of Advent at the Burggut and the Martin Luther House in Waaggasse. There goes the 11. Kulmbach artisan market, organized by Jutta Lange, over the stage. One of the highlights is the stand "Royal Featherflowers". Feather flowers, like the ones you can buy there, already adorned Camilla’s hat at her wedding to Charles.

The exhibitor is called Tien Kho. Born in Indonesia and living in Munich for many years, she makes flowers – not ordinary ones, but small portable works of art from feathers of domestic and exotic birds, such as peacocks, golden pheasants, ostriches and ducks. Feathers are shaped, artfully trimmed and made into a magical "fascinator", draped on a brooch or a hair clip – wearable by everyone, as the 78-year-old emphasizes.

The small feather flower manufactory from Munich became famous for the snow-white designer hat that Camilla Parker Bowles wore at her wedding to the heir to the British throne.

In addition, there are more than 30 stands tasteful and useful things of all kinds – funny reading bones, practical lavender angels, delicious things from fruits, nuts or fallow deer, jewelry in the most diverse variations, all sorts of wood, ceramics or glass, knitted, carved, sewn or burned.

At a big tombola there are a lot of nice prizes to win, which have been provided by the exhibitors. The raffle tickets are available at Cafe Clatsch, which will be open on all three days – Friday, 29. November, until Sunday, 1. December, – has opened. A small concert of the MGF saxophone ensemble on Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m. should not be missed.

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