Corona pandemic: end of season in bavarian soccer?

Corona pandemic: end of season in Bavarian soccer?

The Corona virus has brought the entire amateur sport in Bavaria to a standstill. Since the beginning of the week, one sports association after the other has canceled its matches or competitions because of the pandemic. The last umbrella organizations followed on Friday. The Bavarian Football Association (BFV) has suspended all matches up to the 23rd round. March canceled. In addition, the BFV recommends its approximately 4600 clubs to stop training and not to play any test matches.

Health has priority

"It is a matter of stopping the chain of infection. Priority has the health of all", explains Upper Franconia’s BFV district chairman Thomas Unger. Whether and when the game could be resumed, is open. Because the situation changes hourly: "There are constant telephone conferences with the Bavarian government and the authorities. I can’t say today what the situation will be like tomorrow."

Zenk is not surprised

For Detlef Zenk, trainer of the soccer district league team VfR Katschenreuth, the development is no surprise: "I expected that. My assessment is that the season is over." The 58-year-old has ordered his soccer players to take a break from training. Annoying, because after a sweaty preparation his kickers were "top fit and hot for the start after the winter break" had been. But Zenk of course understands the reason for the break: "There’s no alternative, because soccer is cool, but totally unimportant. The task now is to slow down the spread of the virus so that, if possible, all seriously ill patients can be treated in the clinics."

Nevertheless, the Katschenreuth soccer players will probably soon have plans for individual training. Because the VfR naturally wants to be prepared for the eventuality that it will still be able to play the outstanding eleven games of the season in the district league. "In the meantime, we can go jogging, which is no longer allowed in Italy, says the Katschenreuther coach. Zenk is not yet worried about the season’s schedule. "Weather-related cancellations in March and many catch-up games we had already often."

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