Dare to do more for society

Dare to do more for society

He has been involved with refugees, the disabled and young people, was a development aid worker in Ecuador and now works full-time with regional groups of the globalization-critical organization Attac. One cannot reproach Stephan Kettner, the OB candidate of the Bamberger left list (BaLi) surely inactivity, relaxation finds the bassist of the volume Delikatessen in the music.

In the FT interview, the 49-year-old social pedagogue describes why Bamberg also needs left-wing politics for him, why he has not become a Green and why the current social clause does not solve Bamberg’s housing problems. This is what the candidate for the top post says about… …his candidacy: In October the BaLi had still decided against its own OB candidate. After a long discussion, however, they changed their minds because, according to Kettner, there was a real lack of left-wing politics in the rest of the field of candidates. For him, the fact that the new center of the Chamber of Crafts is to be built on the current Solawi site was a decisive factor – and those affected were simply ignored. "Here three hectares of bio-certified area are simply paved over, without making transparent what other alternatives there are." And also the Greens in the city council would have signed off on it. …Left-wing politics: The BaLi candidate does not want to leave municipal services, education, health, transport and water supply "to the profit interests of a market". For him, social issues would have to play an even greater role in the city, less privileged people would have to be able to participate in all areas of daily life. "But we do not even get the 7500 Euro budget for the creation of a social ticket approved."

The federal party "The Left Kettner does not belong. Because "I don’t feel like having to justify myself for the federal policy of a party – and I’m not the type for power games over positions either".

The 49-year-old, who was born in Munnerstadt, sees overlaps with the Greens, but on certain issues, such as social housing or the rejection of the anchor center, "we as BaLi are still a little clearer on the road for disadvantaged people.

When, for example, investors are sought for parts of Lagarde, a good social clause plays the decisive role for Kettner. "We want to control this and not simply privatize everything. There are other ways we can build and design housing ourselves." …Affordable housing: Kettner thinks that what the city of Bamberg is doing in terms of social housing is not sufficient at all. "A social clause of 20 percent of the apartments is actually a joke for the demand we have. But if we demand 30 percent, the others will be gone in a minute." And if, after ten or 20 years, the social clause fell away, the free market would also apply to these apartments. …Culture: The BaLi representative sees a very clear focus in Bamberg on high culture with symphony orchestras and the E.-T.-A.-Hoffmann Theater. "But there is so much more in the area of theater or music, a potential of people who make things happen – I have to support that." The Kesselhaus is a good start, but Kettner believes it will be another ten years before the Lagarde can be used as a cultural quarter. …Climate change: Kettner already recognizes "insane challenges for Bamberg due to climate change", such as dying trees in the grove and groundwater problems, which required a real rethink. Who wants for example really a plastic-free Bamberg, may not replace only coffee cups: We must look exactly, which is in our everyday life everything from plastic and which would be to be had also alternatively."

A more or less car-free city center is not a utopia for the BaLi candidate, because "no one wants the avalanches of cars through Sandstrabe or through the current pedestrian zone back today.

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