Ebing over 80 minutes outnumbered

Only five of eight games took place at the weekend in the soccer district league Upper Franconia West. FC Coburg won the top match against the leader FC Eintracht Bamberg with 3:1 and reduced the gap to four points.
In the bottom of the table, TSV Ebensfeld saved a point with a 1-1 draw against second-last SV Bosporus Coburg. The SpVgg Ebing drew the short straw in the midfield duel against FC Oberhaid with 2:3.
The game of SpVgg Lettenreuth against SV Merkendorf was canceled.

TSV Ebensfeld –
SV Bosp. Coburg 1:1
After the resignation of their coach Norbert Rebhan, the Bosporus-Kicker were coached by Okan Savasan in Ebensfeld. It developed a lively game with smaller advantages initially for the hosts. It took until 17 minutes for the first chance to come. Min., but Dominik Kremer hesitated too long after a long throw-in. Only a few moments later, a corner caused danger in the guest area, but the many-legged Bosphorus defense prevented a counter-goal. In the 23. Min. the guests then had the first and only opportunity in the first half, when a deflected distance shot by Christian Schneider became dangerous. Thereupon, the home team took over again, but lacked the penetrating power as in the last game. Nevertheless, some opportunities arose for the home team. Daniel Alt shot just past the post after a pass from Yannik Grundel at the edge of the penalty area (28.). With the half-time whistle Yannik Grundel crossed into the "sixteen", but the free-standing Florian Haublein missed the leather very narrowly.
Furious started the guests after the break. After a pass to the offside-suspiciously positioned SVB-player Omar Rahmani lofted the ball over TSV-goalkeeper Maxi Reschke for 0:1. The Bosporus troop created hope. But only three minutes later, the strong following Florian Haublein for the Ebensfelder equalized. The preliminary work had done Benedikt Quinger. In the 83. Min. the guests had the next chance, but Nizar Hariss shot the leather just past the goal – the goal would not have been valid anyway because of offside. In the final phase, the Ebensfelders ran again – more than a half-chance in the 89th minute. Min. by Grundel jumped out but no more. agro
TSV Ebensfeld: Reschke – Stolzel, Alt (46. Roder), Schug, Amon, Kremer Haublein, Grundel, C. Quinger, Eideloth, Holzheid (55. B. Quinger) / Bosporus Coburg: Cakir – Ergun, Rahmani, Durr (65. Hariss), Schneider (76. Demirezen), Kilic, ozer, Gasmi, Qualidine, Gezici, Saglam / Ref: Nemetz (Nuremberg) / Spectators: 140 / Goals: 0:1 Rahmani (52.), 1:1 Haublein (55.) / Yellow-red card: C. Quinger (93.)
SpVgg Ebing –
FC Oberhaid 2:3
In an entertaining derby Ebing lost unhappily. Already in the 4. Min. the home side lost their goalkeeper Haupt, who saw the red card after an emergency stop on Seidelmann. The Ebinger were not at all shocked and went in the 13. Min. in the lead when Dippold headed in after a corner kick from Funk. In the 25. Min. The substitute goalkeeper Braun brilliantly parried a free kick by Kutzelmann from 20 meters. Three minutes later, the visitors equalized when Seidelmann was well released and slotted in from ten meters. The Ebinger answered postwendend. In the 32. Min. a header by Fuchs just missed the target, and in the 36th minute. Min. Skalischus put a hand penalty over the crossbar. With the half-time whistle, Ebing were rewarded when Dippold shot in from six meters for 2:1. As the game progressed, the Oberhaider played their superior number better. In the 68. Min. Kutzelmann was well served and headed in freely from ten meters to 2:2. A quarter of an hour before the end, Oberhaider scored the 3-2 winner when Betz dusted off a free kick.
SpVgg Ebing: Main – Landgraf (46. Kachelmann), Derra (76. Winter), Fuchs, Funk, Motschenbacher (6. Braun), Lorz, Buttner, Skalischus, Altenfeld, Dippold / FC Oberhaid: Hofmann – Noth (29. Vogel), Biermann, Betz (81. Schmauser), Emig, Seidelmann, Kutzelmann Dotterweich (87. Fischer), Roppelt, Spath, Stade / Ref: Bargel (Bad Staffelstein) / Spectators: 320 / Goals: 1:0 Dippold (13.), 1:1 Seidelmann (27.), 2:1 Dippold (45.+5), 2:2 Kutzelmann (68.), 2:3 Betz (75.) / Red card: Haupt (4.)

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