Flood in the district of forchheim triggers many operations

Blocking off, securing and, above all, pumping: the fire departments and the THW had operations in many places.
Twelve fire departments from the entire district of Forchheim with 115 firefighters and logistical support from Herzogenaurach, Kalchreuth and Heroldsberg were in action since 2 o’clock in the morning to fight together with the THW from Kirchehrenbach, Forchheim and Coburg against the damage caused by the heavy rain in Neunkirchen am Brand, Kleinsendelbach and Ermreuth.

Under the operational guidance of circle fire inspector Markus wolf and its circle fire masters Ludwig Baumann, Michael Langenhan, Thomas Windisch and Burkhard Bertholdt were the operational emphasis in the Brandbachgarten, at the Evangelist kindergarten and the elementary school and at the bridge culverts of the Brandbach with the TSV sports facilities. In Kleinsendelbach, especially the area around the sports field, the Muhlenstrabe and the bridge at the community connection road between Kleinsendelbach and Unterschollenbach were affected. In Ermreuth, the main street and Dachstadter Strabe formed the main areas of operation.

In Effeltrich, the state road towards Forchheim was closed for a short time due to flooding. There are also problems on the A73 freeway near Forchheim-Nord/Eggolsheim because of the danger of aquaplaning. The water level at the Schwabach in the southern district of Forchheim even exceeded the highest reporting level 4 on Friday, at the Aisch reporting level 3 prevailed.

Streets in Kirchehrenbach flooded
The Kirchehrenbacher have been spared from a large flood like 2011 in the night to Friday. Nevertheless the Ehrenbach rose again and flooded parts of Leutenbacher-, oberkohr-, Hauptstrasse and Am Ehrenbach. "Shortly after 6 o’clock the fire-brigade Kirchehrenbach was alarmed ?, reports Sebastian Muller of the Kirchehrenbach fire department. Several properties had to be supplied with sandbags. The Kirchehrenbacher command vehicle supported the units in Gosberg with communication. In the fire station Kirchehrenbach the new, so-called section control center for the municipalities around the Walberla was furnished as a precaution. Already in the morning the water level of the Ehrenbach has dropped again.

Debris near Dobenreuth
The first storm is over. Where on the state road Kunreuth – Dobenreuth two cars were still stuck in the water of the flooded road during the night and had to be recovered by the fire department, the traces of debris can still be seen, which vehicles of the road construction office are removing. More critical on this section of the road is the bank that has been washed out and partially torn away by the water. At the moment, a real potential danger for traffic.

"The first phase we have survived smoothly, the next storm is already announced", says a young firefighter at the road in Gosberg worriedly. Behind it numerous hoses lead water over the property Stohr into the canal shaft. Behind the house, the Stohr family is standing at the 50 cm high concrete wall. After the last catastrophe two years ago, they, like their neighbors, protected their parental property with this wall.

The water, flowing from Dobenreuther direction over the fields, accumulates outside. So only the fruit trees there get wet feet. "Despite all the neighborly help, 200 square meters of cellar were under water two years ago. Now the water of the century occurs already every two years", says Sabrina Stohr. "At two o’clock in the morning we have pumps, they perform 2500 liters, and hoses built up", tells her brother. The fire department then joined in.

Gosberg has prepared
Commander Werner Greif draws a first balance after the operation. "We have learned from the last catastrophe and this time informed the citizens in time, that went down very well. At 5.35 o’clock the first alarm was received, almost every minute there was a new message from citizens or the control center. In total there were 15 messages. The fire brigades from Gosberg, Pinzberg, Dobenreuth and Wiesenthau supported the residents with about 60 emergency personnel", reports Greif. One is grateful that the THW Forchheim has spontaneously helped out with sandbags. This is how the people of Gosberg apparently survived the rainy night without too much damage. With mixed feelings they listen to the weather forecast for the next days.

Reporting stage 4 at the Schwabach
At the Schwabach (measuring point Bug) the level reached the reporting level 4 (370 cm) in the night to Friday and rose in the course of Friday to 386 cm. In the afternoon, the water level quickly fell below level 3.
The connections from Eckental-Brand and Frohnhof to Steinbach were also affected by the flood and are no longer passable. The fire departments and the THW are also in action in the local areas to limit the imminent dangers. In the night to Friday already on the Wehrweisenweg near the Langenbrucker mill near Dormitz a fallen tree had to be cleared from the roadway.

The Aisch swells
The Aisch reached level 3 (480 cm) on Thursday, the level rose continuously until Friday (493 cm in the afternoon), and the trend is upward. Level 4 occurs at 540 cm.

The community connection road Willersdorf – Haid is closed, water overflows at the Willersdorfer mill.
The water is on the road. It comes from the corridor, the ditches are full. Also the district road Willersdorf – Stiebarlimbach is closed, but not flooded yet. Only a few centimeters are missing.

Wiesent level shoots upwards
At the Wiesent (measuring point Muggendorf), the level shot up early Friday, since midnight, from 170 to 258 cm. Level 3 is reported at 240 cm, level 4 at 310 cm.

Water runs into Igelsdorf houses
Heavy rain also caused flooding in Baiersdorf since Friday morning. In Igelsdorf, the Schlangenbach overflowed its banks and flooded several houses to a depth of centimeters. Due to the persistent rainfall, further roads in the area of the Erlangen-Land police department were closed. In addition to the Baiersdorf-Nord junction of the A 73, the following closures have been arranged: The district road between Kalchreuth and Neunhof and the connection from Heroldsberg to the road to Buchenbuhl.

Rock falls near Pottenstein
Near Pottenstein in the district of Bayreuth, a boulder broke loose in the morning hours of Friday and fell onto the B470 federal highway. Until the removal of the stone was completed, the road had to be closed on one side.

Level 1
Smaller outbursts in places

Reporting stage 2
Agricultural and forestry areas flooded or slight traffic obstructions on main roads and municipal roads.

Reporting stage 3
Individual developed properties or cellars flooded or blockage of supra-local traffic connections or isolated employment of the water or dam weir necessary.

Reporting level 4
Built-up areas flooded on a large scale or large-scale use of the water or dam weir required.

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