Hansel and gretel in the speicherzer magic forest

Hansel and Gretel in the Speicherzer magic forest

The Pallomillas from Motten heated up at the comradeship evening of the volunteer fire department Speicherz. Their dance performance was the beginning of a foolish program. In the fitness studio, Nadja Winhold and Sandra Hohmann did not leave a good mark on their husbands during physical exercise. While one raves: "my husband is an angel", says the other "you are lucky, mine is still alive!"

Tristan Grunewald, Selina Grunewald and Chiara Schmitt explained to the audience how it can sometimes be with homework. Sometimes the father has to drink 28 schnapps so that he can teach his daughter 28:7. The play was rehearsed by Kerstin Grunewald. Next, Patrick Breitenbach alias Pat Trickster enchanted the audience with his magic show. He made rings disappear and reappear somewhere else entirely, or swallowed 28 razor blades, only to spit them out again tied together.

In the cinema Thomas Hohmann, Nadja Winhold, Sandra Hohmann, Carsten Merkel, Jacqueline instead and Daniel instead showed, how stupidly it can go sometimes with the seats, with which then the pair sits separately, with the help of the other cinema visitors however affections exchanged. Before the break still the Kinderprinzenpaar prince Luan of the 1. From Boals and Princess Ida the 1. Presented by Zeiersch. Unfortunately these represented in the evening memory z on the dream dancer ball in Bettenhausen. When it then went to the adult prince and princess, the spectators learned by extra sheet that the prince and princess of this year had emigrated at short notice to Austria.

After a short relaxation of the laughing muscles, the next show act followed immediately. From the small Shorties at that time became the Even Shorta. Philipp Jung, Carolin Hohmann and Anna Westphal brought with their live singing again additional mood. The Holzmichel alias Richard Heurich brought so some mishap to the daylight, which was last year "in the Durf" and at the same time made the laughter muscles quiver. Thomas Hohmann, Kai Muller, Lisa Meyer, Fabian Grunewald, Tobias Leitsch, Johanna Leitsch were referred to the therapy group in order to be treated by "Doktor Doldi – Der Arzt dem die Deppen vertrauen" (alias Philipp Jung) to be therapized.

The highlight of the evening was again the men’s ballet. This year Sabrina Heberlein transformed all the men into Maya’s bees and Willi’s. Richard Heurich, Alfons Hohmann, Norbert Mueller, Udo Schmitt, Sigfried Heurich and Mario Mathes were present. As Hansel and Gretel led Fabian Grunewald and Johanna Leitsch by the evening, which got lost in the magic forest and at the Fitnesshauschen, Moviehauschen, Beatschuppen etc., which were the only ones to be found. asked for advice on how to get out of the forest again. The wicked witch (Patrick Breitenbach) looked in between also times for "the two Ferreckern", who have run away. Carsten Merkel, Kai Muller, Stefan Winhold and Florian Rehm were in charge of setting up the project. The evening was musically accompanied by Ludolf Hohmann.

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