High school graduates give a fridge as a farewell gift

High school graduates give a fridge as a farewell gift

"Stay human, take care of yourself, and take responsibility in your family and society.", recommended District Administrator Thomas Bold (CSU) to the high school graduates of the Frobenius-Gymnasium. He conveyed the congratulations of the district and the thanks to all, which "at the impressive achievement of the class" were involved.

Reimar Gluckler (CBB), deputy mayor of Hammelburg, quoted the Greek mathematician and philosopher Archimedes: "Give your best to the competition me a place and I will move the earth." That might last for the high school graduates still somewhat. But Gluckler knew how to achieve the goal: with patience, luck, perseverance and helping fellow human beings.

The chairwoman of the parents’ council, Katja Benner, advised not to be discouraged by possible setbacks. Theresa Stoth expressed the thanks of the high school graduates in humorous words.

With a grade of 1.0, Stoth is the best of the year. For this achievement, she received the Frobenius Prize, a book prize from the German Mathematical Association, an online scholarship and a recommendation for the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes (German National Academic Foundation).

Prizes and scholarships

The Frobenius Award for Outstanding Achievement was presented to Lars Burzer, the with a grade of 1.2, the second-best performance, and a successfully passed high-ability exam. The cash prize and two book prizes from the German Physical Society and Ludwig Maximilian University were joined by a scholarship from the Studienstiftung and an online scholarship.

As a reward for her achievements, Franka Bohle (grade 1.2) also received a "Happy Birthday" from the vice-chairwoman of the Friends of the Frobenius-Gymnasium, Rita Schaupp The students received a financial donation and a book prize. Bohle has also been nominated for a scholarship from the German Academic Foundation.

Principal Helmut Schreiner honored 17 other high school graduates who were involved in the school ambulance service, the singing ensemble, the choir, the big band or the school library. These were Johanna Buchs, Micha Buttner, Johanna Drescher, Tanja Gundling, Annika Hereth, Sieglinde Hetz, Elisa Keul, Patrick Muller, Melissa Oschmann, Kathrin Plochinger, Tina Pfulb, Selina Reuter, student representative Clarissa Schneider, Philipp Thomas and Laura Winkler. Hannah Kuhnlein received the pin of honor from the Association of Classical Philologists as the best student in Latin, and Lisa Lehmann received the book prize from the German Chemists.

Upper school supervisor is touched

The high school graduates thanked their high school counselor, Jutta Staub, with a song and a small refrigerator. Staub confessed touched: "It was a great time with you guys." Jana Keul presented the graduates with a miniature of the Oscar on behalf of the parents.

The festive act, which was musically accompanied by the school band under the direction of Andreas Strehler, was preceded by a church service in the monastery church with the city pastor Christian Mussig.

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