Important connection across the main

Important connection across the Main

For each guest there is a small green plush frog. A little later, Stefan Schneidawind, project manager of the Hausen hydropower plant, explained what this was all about. After a good year of construction, the completed refurbishment was celebrated on Saturday.

Wilhelm Austen, SuC managing director, spoke of a technically demanding and financially costly renovation project. Almost 4.9 million euros were invested in the new weir and the footpath across the Main River. An important link across the Main for pedestrians, cyclists and pilgrim groups has thus been restored. The construction work was facilitated by the low water level last summer. Around 900 customers have opted for the electricity produced by the Hausen hydropower plant.

The Lord Mayor of Coburg, Norbert Tessmer, congratulated the many people who use green electricity. "They are the true heroes of climate protection". Lichtenfels District Administrator Christian Meibner pointed out that the entire district from Mainroth down to Unterbrunn is shaped by the Main River. "We live here in a floodplain." Bad Staffelstein’s mayor Jurgen Kohmann is to thank for the fact that there is once again a bridge over the Main, said the district administrator.

Clear need for action

After 85 years of operation, there was a clear need for action at the Hausen power plant. As the daily operation of the power plant had become increasingly complex and error-prone, the power plant operator decided to carry out a far-reaching refurbishment of the power plant within the framework of the concession extension. In 2014, the first concept studies were carried out, followed in a year by the preliminary planning phase and finally the approval process. After the contracts were awarded, the rebuild could begin in February 2018 and was then completed in April of this year. "The year 2018 was a stroke of luck for the construction work, as it was very dry", explains Schneidawind. The old weir system was replaced by a modern tubular weir from Hydroconstruct, as well as the complete steel hydraulic equipment such as sluice gates, rakes with the corresponding cleaning machine, the entire measurement and control technology and the hydraulic system.

After just under a year of construction, the four Francis turbines installed are once again producing electricity. They supply around four million kWh per year, providing green electricity for around 1200 average households. "One of the reasons for the renovation was that the headwater had to be drained every two years to allow for necessary revisions", explains Stefan Schneidawind.

Eleven new bridge elements

The footpath and cycle path along the crest of the weir also no longer complied with safety regulations and had to be renewed from the ground up. The eleven new bridge elements are made of aluminum. Before Easter 2019, the new footpath and cycle path could be opened to the public, which can also be used in the dark thanks to discreet lighting. The renovation concept also includes the eel descent, which eels can pass through. With the Kirschbaummuhle power plant at Schutzenanger, the Oberwallenstadt power plant and the now completed hydroelectric power plant in Hausen, SuC now supplies around 2,300 households with energy generated from the power of the Main River.

The green plush frogs mentioned at the beginning had a colored marking that indicated when the guest could take a tour of the plant to learn about the successful renovation. A picture show showed how a turbine was renewed. Gladly were also the boat trips on the Main accepted.

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