Soldier’s comradeship honors permanent members

Soldier's comradeship honors permanent members

The honorees are not members of just any club. For them, tradition and the preservation of customs are just as important as comradeship with the members of their association and the loyal ties to their hometown of Wallenfels. And Captain Christopher Zeub can rely on them one hundred percent.

So it was a special pleasure for him this year – assisted by Gunther Stocker – to award Mario Stocker, Markus Haderdauer and Christian Kostner, who all three belong to the Tambourzug, for ten years of loyalty. Ensign Jurgen Hahn and his flag escort Alfred Stocker can also look back on ten years of service. Retrospectively, Thorsten Flake was honored for 20 years. The platoon leader of the marine comradeship Henry Stocker and the pioneer Thomas Menger took part already 25 years in the processions.

Bernhard Hofmann of the Marinekameradschaft and Udo Forner of the Himmelbegleitkommando were honored for 30 years. Gerhard Lutz from the Sky Escort Command and gunner Karl-Heinz Muller have been active members of the team for 40 years. They all received the respective honor pin from the hand of captain Christopher Zeub, which was finally put on by the deputy chairman of the soldier comradeship Edgar Barenz.

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