Vocational school for geriatric nursing celebrates 30th anniversary

Vocational school for geriatric nursing celebrates 30th anniversary

For 30 years now, the Vocational School for Geriatric Care has been providing for the next generation of geriatric care professionals. The need for it will continue to increase in view of the demographic change. Principal Dagmar Alfsmann sees her school on a good path in this respect. The number of applicants for the nursing professions is on the rise, she said at Wednesday’s anniversary celebration at the Ehrenburg.

"We have the task ahead of us to inspire even more people for this profession", said the Bavarian Minister of Health Melanie Huml (CSU). There are currently around 2.4 million people in need of care in Germany, and this figure could almost double by 2050, she explained. Your conclusion: "Care of the elderly is the profession of the future."

However, the training for this profession will change as of 2020. Nurses for the elderly, the sick and children are now to be trained uniformly for two years. "The restructured training programs create more opportunities for nurses to develop their careers," she said, says Huml. However, she still sees some problems in the industry. On the one hand, too much documentation, and on the other hand, the negative image of the industry in society.

Good contact with the city of Coburg

"The nursing landscape is waiting for graduates from your school", said Lord Mayor Norbert Tessmer (SPD), confirming the increasing need. He has had a good working relationship with the vocational school since the mid-1990s, when he was still a social welfare officer.

At that time, the building of the technical college was still located in Alexandrinenstrabe, explained Dagmar Alfsmann. In 1997, the move to Von-Schultes-Strasse was followed by the designation as a vocational school. In 2003, the facility moved to its current location in Parkstrabe.

Ute Kick, managing director of the Gemeinnutzige Gesellschaft fur soziale Dienste, honored employee Ingrid Kohler, who has been working at the vocational school since 1989.

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