Wirsberg gets two more wind turbines

Wirsberg gets two more wind turbines

All three plants together will generate about 13 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. "With this amount we can supply 8500 single households or 3500 normal households with three persons with electricity", says mayor Hermann Anselstetter (SPD). In Wirsberg there are 750 households, so that also many households outside the municipality border could receive natural current. "This is the purpose of the energy transition: to establish a regional and decentralized power supply."

Over eight million euros

Graduate engineer Gunter Beermann and the municipality have been pursuing the project for two years – not without headwinds. Thus the Eon had caused problems, alone with the demanded connection to the power supply system in Marktschorgast additional costs of half a million euro. According to Beermann, the two mills have an investment volume of 8.39 million euros. They are still to feed electricity into the grid in 2012.
The wind turbines become citizen plants. Beermann attaches importance to the statement "that it also concerns citizens from the region and not from Hamburg or elsewhere".

The demand is enormous

First the Wirsberger, in addition, the citizens of central and upper Pollitz would be informed that they can participate: with an meeting on Saturday, 28. April, at 4 p.m. in the Hubertushof Wirsberg. Later also the Marktschorgaster and Neuenmarkter would be invited to participate. "According to experience the whole thing is done in 14 days. We have reservations, with which we come to about double what we need." The participation sum amounts to 2.5 million euro, the minimum participation of a limited partner 10,000 euro.
One has a difficult way behind oneself. One of the big obstacles was the government. With the help of District Administrator Klaus Peter Sollner (FW) and Mayor Anselstetter, the hurdle has been cleared. Actually, the wheels could also be connected to the power grid in a short way via the existing plant. Beermann accuses Eon of chicanery, which only allows a plant to be connected there. With the second wind turbine one would have to go up to Marktschorgast.
Hermann Anselstetter calls the erection of two more wind turbines an outstanding event for the district. He is proud of the fact that it becomes citizen plants. The mayor thanks Beermann, but also District Administrator Sollner, who has personally made a clear commitment to wind power.

Professionally acted

The fact that the project developer acted professionally and overcame some obstacles in constant exchange with the authorities ("That was really not easy") is also emphasized by District Administrator Sollner.

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