Bamberg seeks a strategy

For several months, the Cultural Department and the Cultural Office of the City of Bamberg have been working intensively on a cultural development plan. Such a survey consists of a stocktaking, a profiling and focus setting as well as a perspective development for the culture of a city. Or differently: Who makes which and how much culture in this city (actors)? Who uses the offer with which habits and demands (audience)? How does it work together overall (profile including strengths and weaknesses of the cultural landscape)? And finally: How do we position ourselves for the future so that a high-profile, lively cultural landscape remains a defining element of our world heritage city and Bamberg’s rank as a cultural city is carried into the future sustainably and self-confidently??
For the museums and a part of the art and exhibition scene, a detailed expert opinion has been prepared in the meantime. In the field of performing arts, surveys and workshops with independent theaters and small artists took place. With regard to music and literature, the cooperation with experts based in Bamberg has now begun, who will prepare so-called section comments. Thus, beyond the consideration of facilities, a concrete picture of how Bamberg is positioned in some areas is being created.

Questionnaires are sent out

Now the Cultural Office is calling on artists, cultural associations, initiatives and institutions to participate: With a survey by questionnaire, goals, successes, concerns, problems and perspectives are to be even better illuminated. The current situation of cultural work in Bamberg is to be recorded with the feedbacks. "The results will flow into a cultural concept and should help to formulate perspectives on how to prepare the best possible breeding ground for local cultural work.", explains mayor Lange. "The past and future role of the city within the cultural work of Bamberg should be questioned with the intention of purposefully developing the cultural landscape further."
The questionnaires will be sent by mail to cultural actors in Bamberg in the next few days. Those who miss a direct approach can pick up a questionnaire to fill out at the cultural office or download the digital version at download.
The completed questionnaires should be returned by 28 September. February to the following address: Cultural Office of the City of Bamberg, Oliver Will, Hauptwachstrabe 16, 96047 Bamberg.

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