Beautiful pictures of a beautiful city

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful city

The bombastic Richard Strauss sounds "Also sprach Zarathustra" announce a special event. The viewer is presented with magnificent views of the city from different directions, before the view is finally "completely automatic" rests on the unique landmark of the city: The unconquered fortress Rosenberg, proud and mighty enthroned high above the roofs of our beautiful hometown – Kronach!

"The visitor may approach Kronach from the north, south, east or west, the Rosenberg fortress will immediately catch his eye even from a distance" – Accordingly, the cinematic foray of the "Public Address R" begins. Steiger" over and through our beautiful homeland "Air-Lebnis" Kronach. "In the 40-minute film you can see a lot of unique aerial shots. These are moving images – i.e. videos with completely new perspectives", explains Rainer Steiger.

About two years of work went into his latest work. Again and again, the filmmaker set out on various occasions with his copter – equipped with a built-in video camera – to capture the breathtaking beauty of Kronach on film from the air and on the ground. The result is a unique foray through the annual cycle of the city – starting with the firecracker shooting on New Year’s Day and ending with the Kronach Christmas market.

For 30 years, Rainer Steiger and his wife Roswitha have been making films about Kronach County and the region, often on special occasions such as Kronach’s 1000th anniversary in 2003 or – already using a copter – the 150th anniversary of the founding of the city of Kronach. Anniversary of the music club Neukenroth 2014.

Passion became profession

"The technology has changed rapidly", the couple remembers the beginnings. At that time they started with Super-8 cine film and later switched to Super-16-mm. From the beginning they always went with the time, the cameras became better and more expensive. "Filmmaking is not a cheap affair and the time must not be counted at all", says the filmmaker, who has made his passion his profession. Finally, in 2014, the first copter was purchased. Meanwhile the Steigers call three copters their own.

Rainer Steiger has taught himself how to use it. "The handling is not easy", he says. Are in demand feeling, a calm hand and concentration. "One wrong, hasty movement and the copter crashes and is broken", according to the 67-year-old. He finds aerial photos very beautiful, but moving aerial photos like in the film would have a very special effect.

Wonderful impressions

That he is undoubtedly right is proven by the wonderful impressions – for example, from Little Venice to the Schwedenbresche, the Bamberg Gate and the Historic Town Spectacle, the Strauer Torweg and the Upper Town, the Town Hall and the Judengasse, the Parish Tower and the Church or the Column of Honor and the Coat of Arms. The Summer Academy and HolzART, the Rose Fair and the Franconian Gallery, the banquet and the works of Lucas Cranach, the musical life, the festival and, of course, "Kronach shines" are also honored on film and the fortress Rosenberg.

In addition, there is a lot of information about the location and history of Kronach, famous citizens of the city and Kronach as a high-tech location. Also side trips to the raft rides in Neuses and Friesen may not be missing. The text in the film is spoken by Peter Wachsmann, professional speaker and presenter of RBB Berlin-Brandenburg. Finally, the Christmas market.

Resolutely enthusiastically showed mayor Wolfgang Beiergroblein, who was allowed to look as one of the first at the film. "Kronach is one of the most beautiful cities in Upper Franconia", he said proudly.

Part of the footage will also be shown in a new Kronach image film, which will be presented in due course. The DVD "Air-Lebnis Kronach can be purchased in an attractive cover, which adorns a beautiful aerial view, at several points of sale in Kronach and at Public Address R. Steiger can be purchased directly at a price of 15 euros.

DVD "Air-Life Kronach

Sales points Kronacher bookshops "Roseneck and "Bookmark", "Schoss Zeuch" (Upper Town), Tourist Office of the City of Kronach, WEKA or directly from Public Address R. Steiger, Ostring 37, 96342 Stockheim-Neukenroth (Phone: 09265/9614, Email: [email protected]).

Screening The film will be shown at the citizens’ meeting on 9. The film will be shown to the public in the auditorium of the Lucas-Cranach School at 7:00 p.m. on November.

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