Cyclists are slowed down

Sarah Seewald

"For witnesses of the damage…", What reads like a police report is actually an announcement from the Kemmern municipality. The reason for this call is a demolished and torn out warning sign that was put up just a few days earlier – at the beginning of July.
Bicyclists, who literally "ride over the terrace", as Denise Mueller of the building authority Kemmern the initial situation describes, have the forest way, which at the "light", damaged-The gate that leads past the cellar – or rather crosses the cellar – has been turned into a danger zone.
Near-accidents and light collisions had ended so far smoothly, however, had put the visitors and cellar landlords again and again in fear and fright. Above all, there was fear for the safety of the children playing in the cellar area and the local playground. "Parents have already not dared to come here with their children", says cellar host Kerstin Hofmann.

Every guest is affected

Everyone who goes from the cellar terrace to the food and drink counter or to the toilet automatically crosses the cycle path between Baunach and Hallstadt. The forest path number seven is not a developed forest path, but rather to describe as a single trail. In mountain biking, this is the name given to a path that is so narrow that it is impossible to ride side by side.
For years, the attempts of cellar landlords Kerstin and Rudi Hofmann to do something about the speeders remained unsuccessful. In this summer the municipality administration became then nevertheless clear-heartedly. A self-awareness finally prompted those responsible to take action.
During a traffic inspection with responsible persons of the municipality, the police and the district administration office Bamberg it was decided to set up a gate before the cellar range, which brakes the Kamikaze cyclists at the foot of the Semberg for safety reasons in time, and/or to the dismount forces. The gate has to be opened by hand and cannot be bypassed. In addition, the cellar tenant fenced off the area of the playground.

Rioters on the spot

A few meters before the entrance to the cellar, signs were put up to warn the cyclists of the coming blockade. Just of these one was now, as the municipality Kemmern communicates, torn from the foundation and damaged.
Denise Muller from the building authority in Kemmern has not yet found out who is supposed to have torn out the sign together with its foundation. In the end, the municipality has no other choice than to try to find a new sign, it explains. Cyclists would eventually have to be warned in time that the path is interrupted. "The offenders should remember that by not posting signs, they are putting other road users in danger, as they will not be able to adjust to the obstacle", explains the municipality Kemmern in its witness search appeal.
For the tenants of the cellar, the situation on site has already eased considerably in recent weeks. "Of course, some cyclists complain and threaten not to come to our cellar, but they wouldn’t eat and drink here anyway", says Kerstin Hofmann. For her and her husband, the only thing that counts is that they no longer have to worry about the safety of their guests.

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