“Derente” is “artist of the year 2020 become

Jennifer Rush and “The Paldauer, Roberto Blanco and Nicole “The Flippers and Karel Gott, Siegfried and Roy, DJ otzi and David Copperfield – into this illustrious round is now “DerEnte” waddled in. The small sound acrobat from Forchheim, which is called Rene Kraus apart from its over 100 self-made instruments, may call itself from now on “artist of the year 2020” call. For the 32-year-old “chaos musician this means after the title as “Best sound acrobat of Bavaria” two years ago and the sponsorship award “Kolner Applaus in the last year a further confirmation of its development from the musical Kuken to the loud Erpel.

It has begun for the son of a drummer with a feather-light backpack digeridoo made of PVC pipes, a waterproof outdoor ukulele and a xylophone-like tubulum made of drainage pipes. All this he packed in the meantime on a Thespis cart, with which he pulls over the roads of the republic or on the stages of the region rolls.

Coveted award

Thus, it is the energetic “drake” also succeeded with the “Partyband of the year with which he has been touring the country for six years as the Showman in Pink: the Erlangen-based fun metal band J.B.O., the James Blast Orchestra. Because “DerEnte” can sing also, and in fact in such a way, as him the beak grew. This is what fans of metal bands “Reality’s Fall” have to say, “Lunatic Craze, “My Inner Kingdom and “Autokannibalistika” is at the own body to feel get.

So the intoxication of noise has never let him go. Except that he’s been generating it on his own for eleven years, if necessary with size 48 flip-flops, a spade and a crying tube.

The "Golden Artist Magazine" has been awarding prizes for over 30 years this coveted award of the show business. Georg Dull of Gedu-Werbe- und Verlags-GmbH, which brings organizers and artists together from Sindelfingen, is behind the trade magazine.

Inspired by fiancee

At the Junges Theater Forchheim, junior manager Christian Dull presented the award during the "Donnerwetter Variete", hosted by Marcus Geuss aka Marcelini (he also won the "Ventriloquist of the Year" award).

DerEnte" had become aware of the competition became aware of the competition through his fiancee Melanie Friedrich: She used to play with the cover band "Surprise", the twice "party band of the year was. For "TheDuck" the flight of fancy has not yet come to an end.

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