Dirndl or not, that is the question here!

Dirndl or not, that is the question here!

Others again mean: "It looks just nice." What nobody wants to deny: It is not only the tourists who wear this fashion. Maria from the Kriegenbrunn district of Erlangen says: "It’s supposed to be traditional. And the Dirndls simply fit to it." Even if she admits that not everyone has the figure for the figure-hugging piece of cloth. She grins: "A bit of wood should be in front of the hut for a good decollete!"

Franzi from Rosenheim grumbles about the complainers: "These are exactly the types who stare after us in order to then rant about the lost youth."

It is noticeable at least that it becomes from year to year more carriers of the national costume at the mountain. And it is not only women who dress accordingly. Leather pants are often a must for the boys. "No, this has nothing to do with dressing up", means Paul from Oberreichenbach. "It fits just with such a celebration like the Erlanger mountain." And points to a man striding parrot-like across the mountain. "That’s probably better?", he asks, and his clique agrees. Neon yellow and neon green looks more like a neon sign of a mountain fairground ride than sensibly clothed.

Of course, it is also allowed to mix. This is how the sporty fitness trainers of the TV-Vital find themselves again. The girls are wearing leather pants and plaid shirts. "Just for fun, the mood does it no damage.

Whether everything is always so stylish remains to be seen, but "nothing can disfigure a pretty face", this wisdom certainly also applies to the Dirndl.

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