First an apprenticeship, then a hit: why a rapper is a role model

The painters’, whitewashers’ and varnishers’ guild for Coburg city and country released eight former apprentices at the Chamber of Crafts’ training center. Ferdinand Vogt was awarded the prize of the government of Upper Franconia.

For the bachelors, the ceremony was a great day that they had worked hard for two or three years to achieve, said Jens Beland, the district’s master craftsman. However, this effort would have been worthwhile, they would have achieved the first goal and laid the foundation for their professional future. In Upper Franconia, several thousand businesses will be up for handover in the next ten years.

The statement that the craft has a golden floor is still true today. According to Beland, the craft enterprises currently have a workload of six to eight weeks. This shows that the craft is also needed in the future. He is not afraid that the massive changes can be mastered in the next few years. "We have a great profession, because we see what we have created", stressed the district master craftsman. From each district, the district trade union proposed a deserving trainer. Frank Schillig was awarded an honorary certificate from the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy for his services to apprenticeships.

The completion of vocational training, which they had all worked towards for a long time, has now come, emphasized principal Gerhard Schmid, head of the State Vocational School I, in his welcoming speech. He highlighted the path of the rapper Bushido, who also mentions his training as a painter and varnisher in a song and advises everyone to do an apprenticeship.

First, Schmid said, the rapper completed his training and then created a hit song. The young journeymen should set an example, master a hit and read their customers’ wishes from their eyes, not shy away from challenges or even make their master craftsman’s diploma. They all chose a great and grateful profession, the principal stressed. The craft attaches great importance to tradition, but today everything is changing very quickly, Schmid said.

Admission by handshake

According to state guild master Roland Morgenroth, the newly minted journeymen have achieved three goals: kindergarten, school and training. They all would have learned the most beautiful handicraft occupation, because at the end of the day they would see what they have achieved. District apprentice superintendent Sabine Schelhammer reported on the buildup to the summer 2019 journeyman exam.

In the painters’, whitewashers’ and varnishers’ guild for Coburg city and countryside, admission to the guild traditionally takes place with a handshake from the head master, said Hugo Schamberger. The head master looked back on the apprenticeship years, where the apprentices work well protected by journeymen and master craftsmen. Now they would have to earn money for their company, assert themselves on the labor market and once train apprentices themselves.

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