From renaissance to rock music

From renaissance to rock music

They like to come and they keep coming. Already in the 38. Year the mandolin and guitar players meet for the Pentecost course. This year again with manager Petra Breitenbach. More precisely, it is the course after the Pentecost holidays, which began on Tuesday and was crowned with a final concert on Sunday.

High proportion of young players

The portion of the younger players in the 41-strong orchestra is with more than a third pleasingly high. This course is also the forum for the voluntary D1 to D3 proficiency exams.
"Although I’m already good at playing the guitar, there’s always an opportunity to learn something new, confirms Charlotte Endres from Ebenhausen. She also appreciates playing in the orchestra. The young woman already has the D1 and D2 performance tests in her pocket.

"I appreciate it very much that different teachers here give me new information and thus my quality of play increases", The Ebenhausen player is very satisfied with the Whitsun course. In the coming year, she will take the D3 exam, Endres has resolved to do.

Mandolin and double bass are played by young Lohr resident Sophia Schneider. "I am looking forward to my fellow players in this orchestra and appreciate the marginal conditions in the Music Academy", and says: "The food is good here, and I feel very well accommodated. Rehearsals will be continuous throughout the day. Orchestra, exercises and lessons do not let boredom arise.

"They all come here voluntarily and have been looking forward to this Whitsun course for a whole year now", Schneider speaks of their high Motivation.
Already 21 years ago it with enthusiasm was present, confirms the mandolin player Sigrid Wetzel, likewise coming from Lohr. "A few years I have suspended, but I have always been there with my heart", she lets her enthusiasm show. She enjoys brushing up on plucked music and enjoying the interplay with both the young and the much older crowd. The age of the orchestra members ranges from 14 to 75 years. "It’s simply fun", confesses Wetzel. "We all call each other by our first names", she says.

The 14-year-old guitarist Lukas Wolz from Lohr also plays enthusiastically. "Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple or songs by Uriah Heep are my favorites", he is on fire when the electric guitar comes into play. "Of course, I also accept the classical pieces of older music styles", Lukas is pleased with the great orchestra community. The range of music titles extends from pop and film music to chorales and the 500-year Renaissance.

Regular player Kurt Bruckner did not shy away from the long journey from Augsburg with his double bass. The senior: "This trip is worthwhile for me, because I am happy in this circle and feel in the best hands in the music academy." Mandolin player Lore Messerer from Wurzburg has been taking part for over two decades: "We have known each other for a long time and look forward to this community!" The participants in the Whitsun course don’t feel at all stressed by the schedule, which keeps them busy from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. The special instrument courses during the day will be crowned by the joint orchestra work after dinner.

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