General renovation to take four years

General renovation to take four years

The 2020 budget was unanimously approved at the meeting of the Kronach III school association at Gottfried Neukam Middle School. There was also a lot of interesting news and information about school development, about the progress of digitalization with "Multi Touch Displays" and on the "Munich Learning House" concept, which will be the basis for the interior design of the school in the course of the upcoming general refurbishment.

A total of 436 students currently attend the Gottfried Neukam Middle School. They come from the entire district of Kronach. In order to continue to offer them educational quality and a good stay at school, further renovations will be made despite the high investments already made. Managing Director Jorg Schnappauf estimates this to be between twelve and 15 million euros.

Cost increase of 20 percent

A feasibility study had initially put the cost at twelve million euros, whereupon the government promised a subsidy of around 9.2 million euros. In fact, a cost increase of about 20 percent is currently expected for the general renovation. A major cost factor will be the replacement of the complete window systems, thermal insulation, energy renovation, fire protection and barrier-free refurbishment.

Graduate engineers Andre Volk (managing partner) and Sabine Porzel (architect) presented their draft plan based on the "Munich Learning House" concepts before. This also includes an elevator for barrier-free access to all floors and an exterior staircase, which will provide more interior space. The construction measures are to be carried out in two construction phases of two years each, so a construction period of four years is expected.

Principal Roland Hartel provided information on the progress of digitization. The teachers’ committee, with the involvement of the parents’ council and the association councils, agreed on the new "Multi Touch Displays" system which offers several advantages over beamers or whiteboards. "Live – laugh – learn" is the red thread that runs through the school’s development. This guiding principle is a living process and will be developed with the new concept "Munich Learning House Concepts", which is the basis for the upcoming general renovation, said the rector. He called the digitization of the middle school an enormous additional task.

Managing director Schnappauf emphasized this and was able to announce that the financing is considered to be secured thanks to high subsidies from the government of Upper Franconia. All measures will be taken in close coordination with ministries, funding agencies and system supervisors. Schnappauf also thanked the Upper Franconia government in Bayreuth on behalf of the chairman and the association’s assembly for its cooperative and accommodating approach.

Internet access could be expanded to almost 200 Mbit/s. The heating system was replaced with a new energy-efficient, controllable heating system. Fire protection was increased with signs and self-extinguishing trash cans. Association chairman Wolfgang Beiergroblein expressly confirmed this and also thanked managing director Schnappauf "who presented a competent fireworks display of figures, which served as a basis for good decisions". And he would not tire in the effort to open all promotion pots and to include. Schnappauf also informed that the legally required tendering procedures for the planning and execution of the general renovation have taken place.

The information about the local transport concept of the district of Kronach was also received with pleasure. Particularly pleasing was the fact that pupil tickets are valid for the entire district, as city councillor Markus Oesterlein knew. He spoke of strengthening mobility and environmental protection. With the general renovation of the middle school, one sets a strong signal to strengthen education in the district of Kronach.

Tino Vetter called the renovation a great challenge, which should finally secure the school operation for the next 50 years.

Positive annual result

With so many novelties surrounding school operations, the budget discussion even took a back seat, although Managing Director Jorg Schnappauf was able to come up with good figures here as well. The annual result 2020 closes with an annual surplus of 100 euros. A positive annual result is expected in the 2021 to 2023 financing plan. This is mainly due to the fact that the reorganization of the Kronach-Kups secondary school network has resulted in an appropriate contractual financial compensation for the education of guest students in Kronach within the school network. This means an annual debt relief of about 200,000 euros.

The debt of Schulverband III (with the city of Kronach and municipality of Wilhelmsthal) could be reduced by 300,000 euros to about 2.476 million euros (from 2.776 million euros) in 2019. In 2020, the budget volume for types of income amounts to 1,075,900 euros and for expenses to 1,075,800 euros with 265 apportionable pupils. The income side is mainly determined by the school association levy of 546,300 euros, which means a levy of 2,061.51 euros per pupil. Thus on the city Kronach with 206 pupils an amount of 424 671 euro and on the municipality Wilhelmsthal for 59 pupils the sum of 121 629 euro is allotted.

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