Herzogenaurach: stork gets lost in brewery

Herzogenaurach: Stork gets lost in brewery

Cornelia Heller couldn’t believe her eyes when she set off to pick up her children. A stork stalked across the courtyard of the Heller brewery. "He comes too late", the heavily pregnant woman also commented immediately on the visit.

A look at the still dark beak and the thin, but not yet red legs told her: A young bird has strayed from the right (stork) path. For their children, the long-legged creature was a "sensation". Patiently they squatted in a corner and hoped that the young stork would find a way to freedom.

But for him the brewery yard was a trap. With the short "runway Between stacks of beer crates and delivery cars, he did not manage to overcome the high walls of the neighboring buildings. Resignedly he peered into every corner to see if a takeoff would be possible there. In vain. No, the door that opened to the courtyard leads to the beer cellar. Nothing to see but kegs.

No beer for the stork

"He is thirsty, he wants a festival beer", said host Hans Heller, but he preferred to give the bird a bucket of water. That looked at himself exactly and turned away again.

Meanwhile, guests reported that the young stork had already strayed into the city center for the second time. In the morning he is said to have been hanging around the town hall. They caught him and brought him to the Aurach meadows. The landlord believes it was an out-of-town stork that recently left its nest.

Suddenly the animal changed its search direction. He had probably correctly identified the sunlight behind the barn doorway. But, no sooner had it fluttered out a little, than the traffic on the road behind it apparently startled it. Then also still another beer car came to the loading.

What to do? Hans Heller called the police to help. She came. However, the policemen only had their handcuffs with them as fishing gear. But her plan also worked out. As a small group they slowly pushed the stork in the direction of the open barn. In the middle the animal obviously felt the air of freedom. It started to fly and landed in a flat arc – on the busy street. The law enforcers had no choice but to shoo him away. Adebar understood the police signal and took off, flapping his wings, into the neighboring garden.

There, according to the host, it should have its rest for the time being. If he would still be there in a few hours, he wanted to get advice from the Nuremberg zoo.

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