Liquid gold from the region

Liquid gold from the region

The so-called regional counters in supermarket chains promise the buyer products from the local area. Can the consumer rely on this or is skepticism perhaps appropriate?? With the healthy, since completely cholesterol-free rapeseed oil we followed the origin: Ralf and Renate Geyer from Schirnsdorf grind the rapeseed on their own farm and extract the "rapeseed oil from the Steigerwald", that ends up on the shelves of the regional counters, on bottles.

Raw material comes from the region

"Every two to three months", according to Ralf Geyer, rapeseed is pressed into high-quality edible oil in his company. The raw material comes partly from their own farm, partly from the farmers of the region. In the past, the press ran around the clock," says the Schirnsdorf native. That was before 2008, before the taxation of bio-fuel. By then, biodiesel would have accounted for about 30 percent of truck traffic. Because of the tax it is today zero and the market collapsed. Because the presses were there anyway, edible oil is now produced at the Geyer plant.
Golden yellow it comes out of the tubes with which Renate Geyer fills each bottle by hand.
The filling room is connected to the higher oil mill via pipes. Most of the cooking oil goes to the Winkler company in Kleinweisach, which markets it to supermarkets. The Geyers also sell some of the rapeseed oil in bottles or canisters directly from the farm to the consumer.

In the beginning the oil is black

Before it comes into the oil mill, the rape must first of all for four weeks "to sweat out" into the silo. "He must first recover", designates Ralf Geyer this phase. During the pressing process, the rapeseed grains run through a funnel into the oil mill – just like in any other mill. The freshly pressed oil is initially black, explains senior manager Willi Geyer. The so-called "Trubol" then passes through a chamber filter press. Because the oil is only cleaned by the sediment on the filters, a lead time must be observed.
The end of the purification process is a plate filter. Willi Geyer acquired such a filter machine from a brewer in the area who no longer needed it. Plates, similar to a coffee filter, are hooked into the device.

Cold pressed for taste

Initially white, is after filtering from the original color nothing more to see. That had worked so well that soon a larger filter was purchased.
The rapeseed oil is golden yellow and pure after the two filter runs. It is important that it is cold-pressed so that the taste and all the valuable ingredients are preserved, explains Willi Geyer. "My wife uses the oil for everything, even baking cakes." 29 degrees measured at the press. Just the right temperature so that the oil still runs smoothly.
About a third of the weight of the rapeseed makes up the oil yield. Two thirds remain as "rape cake back. It is a high quality protein feed for animals, similar to soy. "But it doesn’t have to be carted all over the world", says Ralf Geyer.

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