Photography and music merge

Listening to spring and watching nature unfold at the same time is something music lovers can do next Friday evening, at 18.30 o’clock in Iphofen. Young soloists and ensembles of the Iphofen branch of the Kitzingen Music School and the Friends of the Iphofen Music School e.V. invite you to a "musical spring walk through Iphofen" with free admission to the Karl Knauf Hall. The melodies of the young artists combine in a wonderful way with the pictures that the amateur photographer Richard Schober has taken around Iphofen.
Schober, former founding father and since 2011 honorary chairman of the sponsoring association, has selected the motifs to match the musical pieces. "During the song "Buzz, buzz, buzz, little bee is buzzing around" I show how a bee I show how a bee approaches a cherry blossom", says the nature lover. And at "Who turned the clock" he plays pictures of clocks that can be found in Iphofen.
But the motives cannot always be assigned at first glance. "Often, even long-established Iphofen residents have to puzzle for a while as to where this or that detail can be found in Iphofen".
Schober leaves nothing to chance. He carefully selects his subjects. "I am fascinated not only by landscape photographs, but often also by the details of larger objects", says Schober, who recently presented Iphofen in the illustrated book "Between the Middle Ages and the Future has set a monument. Many of the pictures he will show on the evening of the event are also from this book.

The beauty in the small

Good photographers have a different view of things. And it is probably precisely this that makes the music evening so appealing: Schober wants to make the beautiful and special visible in small things. And he explicitly refers to the main protagonists of the evening, the young musicians. "I am very happy about the enthusiasm of the children, who may have their first performance there, and about the work of the music teachers", says Schober. "To hear how this work bears fruit is a wonderful feeling".
Unfortunately, he himself is not very musical, he says with a laugh. His dream, he says, is to play in a big band one day. "I still learned to play the saxophone as a latecomer, but on this evening I’d better leave the playing to those who can do it really well."
About the parents’ council of the Dr. K.H. Spielmann School, Schober had suggested in 1992 the musical education of young talents on site. This is how the branch of the Kitzingen Music School was founded in Iphofen. "Since then, she has had an impact on our city in many ways and today it is impossible to imagine life without her", praises Schober.
In 1995 the association was founded. For four years Schober had taken over the chairmanship. Today the responsibility for the association lies in the hands of Ralf Knauer. He and his team have created the musical "Spring Walk" and has also prepared some delicacies for the physical well-being of the guests.
After the concert, the music school management, teachers and members of the music school’s booster club will answer questions about the subjects offered, the instruments and future activities.

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