Robert neubner is now honorary member

Robert Neubner is now honorary member

Robert Neubner is since Saturday evening honorary member of the horticulture and local beautification association Marktsteft. At the fall meeting, the district chairman of the local and horticultural associations was presented with the high award by local chairman Gunter Eisenhuth to the applause of those present.

"Demonstrably for 35 years, our county association chairman Robert Neubner has enriched our meetings with great speeches, good advice, many recommendations and benevolent support," Eisenhuth said in awarding him an honorary membership. Now, after 37 years at the head of the district association, a successor has been found and Neubner may well have visited Marktsteft for the last time in this function. The thanks of the association are due to the decades of goodwill of the district chairman, who a few months ago celebrated his 75th birthday. Birthday was allowed to celebrate.

Neubner feels connected to Marktsteft since his youth. In his speech of thanks, Eisenhuth told anecdotes: It started with a beating when he was caught stealing cherries in Steft, continued later with many positive experiences with the association and ended with the good cooperation with the association during the Small Garden Show in Kitzingen.

From the office he leaves with a laughing and a crying eye, said Neubner. When he took over the association, there were only 800 members left. It was a time of great upswing in agriculture, when many old fruit trees were cleared in the field. Fortunately, he said, that has changed again over the decades, and so he has good hope that the future of the association is secure. "I have finished – but bottle not yet empty," he said, alluding to Giovanni Trapattoni’s famous rant.

Before his own tribute, Neubner was allowed to honor long-time members of the association. According to Neubner, it was important to him to single out those who had remained loyal to the association for many years and who had also shown: "It is worthwhile to do something for the community"."The founding members Erwin Behrendt, Elisabeth Dienesch, Horst Jacob, Ingrid Pfeuffer and Marianne Vogel-Terheggen were awarded the golden badge of honor for 40 years of loyalty to the association, as were Armin Konig, Franz Unger and Robert Kistner, who joined in the same year.

Frieda Grosch and Johanna Mittelbach have been with the association for 25 years, Rudolf Bieret, Marianne Fahmer, Manfred Haag, Margarete Keller, Heinz Ross, Dietmar Schober, Eberhard Seitz, Ursula Tratz, Gertrud Vogel and Karl Winterstein for 15 years.

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