The ecn project is to be maintained

The eCn project is to be maintained

Most recently, 25 young people from across the school district took advantage of an extra chance to earn a high school diploma, which also increased their long-term prospects for an apprenticeship or a job. This is made possible by a so-called eCn class (extra chance use), which has already existed for ten years at the Johann Puppert School in Michelau. To ensure that this offer continues, Sparkasse director Roland Vogel presented Dean Stefanie Ott-Fruhwald with a donation of 5500 euros.

The eCn project has been in existence since the 2008/2009 school year under the auspices of the Protestant Deanery of Michelau. "This will also give a chance to the young people who have not had so many opportunities in life", explained Ott-Fruhwald. The project starts like a regular ninth grade class. Classes are held three days a week at the Johann Puppert School in Michelau, Germany. The aim of the lessons is to intensively repeat and practice the material required for the Quali in small groups. On the other two days, the students spend the entire day in a vocational internship.

In addition to the Protestant deanery, the Michelau municipality as the responsible authority, the Lichtenfels state education authority, the district government of Upper Franconia, the Sparkasse Coburg-Lichtenfels bank and the Federal Employment Agency also support this special project.

Mayor Helmut Fischer expressed his gratitude for the financial blessing. The municipality as material expenditure carrier is already grateful due to the demographic development over each class, which secures thereby also the continuance of the secondary school. "We want to preserve the school in its entirety", said Fischer. The Johann Puppert School is currently undergoing extensive general renovation. For this purpose, the school building would have to be completely cleared. Starting in the new school year, all classes will be held in containers, which alone cost 2.5 million euros.

One of the goals of the eCn project – in addition to the achievement of a qualifying secondary school diploma – is to take on trainees. During the internship, students not only learn about different professions, but also important key skills such as punctuality, tidiness, responsibility, a sense of duty and working independently. They are accompanied by the two pedagogues Kathrin Sunkel and Tina Schardt, who are also available as contact persons for the companies.

High success rate

Since the project’s inception, about 85 percent of students have graduated from high school, and nearly 70 percent have found jobs or apprenticeships. "That’s when some people realize that their career aspirations will come true after all", explained principal Alexandra Kober, who considers the aspect of career orientation to be extremely important.

Classes for the entire district are held in Michelau. An advantage as old class groups break up and new ones are formed.

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