Union: “dramatic job cuts” loom at deutsche bahn

Union: 'Dramatic job cuts' loom at Deutsche Bahn

"In return for government aid, Deutsche Bahn AG wants to save about five billion euros, including about 2.25 billion euros in personnel costs. In plain language, the implementation of this agreement between the Group and the German government means cutting far more than 10.000 jobs at Deutsche Bahn throughout Germany."The group did not want to comment on the statements on Sunday upon request. According to its own information, it employs around 211 people in Germany.000 people.

According to the paper, Hommel fears "a tough austerity policy on the backs of employees, with apprenticeships cut in half and a halt to urgently needed new hires". As after the supervisory board meeting last Friday, the trade unionist proposed an "Alliance for Employment and Mobility". Hommel said on Friday that the company’s board of management had assured him of its willingness to do so.

Although passenger numbers plummeted by about 90 percent during the Corona crisis, the railroad has barely adjusted its capacity. The German government now wants to support the state-owned company through a further capital increase. 6.9 to 8.4 billion euros could flow in the process. In addition, the federal government wants an increase in the new debt limit of currently about 25.4 billion euros.

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