Bernhard bruckner’s mayoral record: in love with obernbreit

Bernhard Bruckner's mayoral record: In love with Obernbreit

Whether he would do it again? There comes from Obernbreits mayor Bernhard Bruckner a clear yes. Although he said a few sentences earlier: "They were hard years." But after all, it’s about Obernbreit, about his Obernbreit, about which he says: "If I don’t see the church tower for more than ten days during my vacation, I get very anxious."

Bruckner, the "big club man", Bernhard Bruckner, who has been a member of all the local associations, has also been politically active for 42 years. Although the start was anything but easy at that time: Two of four lists failed at the local council election in 1978 due to formal errors, which caused great unrest in the town that reverberated for a long time.

Elected mayor with two votes more

In 1984, he finally succeeded in becoming a member of the town council for the CSU, whose local branch had been founded shortly before. After 18 years, he ran for mayor and won in a runoff election with a very close result: Bruckner had a lead of only two votes over Reinhard Baier.

But even then Bruckner’s desire for harmony in the village was evident. For both had previously agreed: Whoever loses will become the second mayor. So it also happened and led to a long and prosperous cooperation.

The start in office was not easy for Bruckner, because with the renovation of the town hall a project had already been prepared, which he regarded with skepticism in view of the costs. But this quickly turned into an "infatuation with the object and the renovation" um: "I would have preferred to sleep in the building", said Bruckner about the construction phase.

Town hall and Proschelswiese were Bruckner’s projects

Today, the town hall is the focal point of the town and is eagerly used by the people of Obernbreit. Not far from it lies, also in the middle in the place and directly at the broad brook, the Proschelswiese, which could be bought by the municipality.

It is a fairground and otherwise a parking lot, has playground equipment for young and old, an information point, a handicapped-accessible toilet, a resting place on the creek island, and is another such center in the village. For Bruckner, one of the most beautiful things about it is that the old Obernbreit name of Proschel is preserved there and will not be forgotten at some point in time.

A mayor must also be prepared for surprises. The former school building, which was renovated in 1999 at a cost of one million deutschmarks and converted into a multimedia center, was suddenly empty in 2004. Bruckner’s vision: to create a medical center.

His persistence pays off at the medical center

There was a lot of skepticism in the surrounding area, but his persistence paid off. Two doctors, a dentist and, in between, a physiotherapy practice, which is now in a different location in the town, make Obernbreit a much better place to live in. This certainly includes the largely completed footpath concept.

Incomplete must remain however the enumeration of all projects, which Bruckner converted. However, the "invention of the Hucklkatz" should be mentioned, of Obernbreit’s symbolic figures or the revival of the Kirchweih celebration – for Bruckner "identity building" in his village.

But why they were also hard years: The honorary mayor continued to be tied up in his job: 32 hours at work and about the same amount of time in the town hall. You can only do that if you want to – which Bruckner always did.

Bruckner still wants to complete the new local chronicle

Flexibility was just as important as the support of those around him, such as his wife Annemarie, who was also his "secretary" be. Because his profession has also challenged him. The typesetter no longer exists in this form today; he has had to continue his education time and again.

What’s next for Bruckner after 30?. April? The family with the four grandchildren, the house, naturally located in the middle of the village, on which he has been building all his life: "I’m not finished yet, he announces. In addition, there is the work in the garden, making firewood and maybe once more than 14 days on the road with the caravan.

With wife Annemarie there are also more distant goals: Israel and Egypt. The church tower could there however only as photo with; perhaps in the new local chronicle, which he would like to still finish, before he hands the city hall key with the saying of its predecessor to its successor over: "Do not believe you are sometime once finished."

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