Canal renovation in grebhausen goes into the money

Big tasks must and/or would like the municipality Gadheim in the coming years to master. These include the village renewal in Ottendorf, the construction of a new building yard and a fire station for the newly formed Gadheim-Ottendorf Volunteer Fire Department in Gadheim, and the sewer renovation in Grebhausen. With all these topics the local council dealt on Monday evening.

As a "bitter blow described mayor Peter Kraus the realization that in Grebhausen the entire channel in the road from the fire pond to the chestnuts must be completely renewed. During the TV inspection of the sewers, not only "new" sewers were found Canal strands discovered. It also turned out that the damage to the sewer and house connections is enormous.

"This is a scenario that we did not expect in this way.", says Peter Kraus "but we have to tackle this task." The plan is to carry out the sewer renewal when the district renovates the county road.

Another major project is the village renewal in Ottendorf. For this purpose, 13 councillors and citizens had met at the School for Field and Village Development in Klosterlangheim to analyze the current situation and to define the objectives. The mayor emphasized that the community council would have to decide whether to go for selective or comprehensive village renewal.

In the first case, the subsidy would be a maximum of 250,000 euros and the procedure could be completed quite quickly. In the second case, there are more funding opportunities, but the duration extends over more than ten years, he said. Also, the village renewal can only be started when the parish has granted the St. Jodokus church renovated on the outside. Kraus informed that on 28. He also said that a citizens’ meeting would be held on September 7 at 7 p.m. in the sports center in Ottendorf to discuss the issue with Ottendorf residents. They are invited to present their ideas.

The third project relates to the construction of a new building for the building yard and a fire station below the school in Gadheim. Because the existing building yard is according to mayor only a makeshift, also the fire department houses in Gadheim and Ottendorf are in bad condition. Kraus informed that at present the preliminary planning and the production of a space concept were running. A planning team consisting of members of the building committee and the fire departments will take care of the further procedure together with the district fire officer.

It is planned to visit several fire stations, to invite architects for a presentation, to work out a concept, to prepare the draft planning, to make a decision in the municipal council and to apply for subsidies. 2020 should then begin the construction.

Peter Kraus also presented the subsidy program for investments for the use of existing building fabric of Allianz Main& to the municipal council Hassberge ahead. It regulates, under which conditions the member municipalities Habfurt, Konigsberg, Theres, Wonfurt and Gadheim grant subsidies with investments for the preservation and use of existing building substance or for the creation of new building substance in the local cores. The goal is to revitalize vacant buildings.

However, each municipality determines the eligibility and the maximum subsidy independently. Thus the municipality of Gadheim will not support the purchase of a building. Eligible, however, are on the one hand the building fabric, which is used for a new residential and / or commercial use, and on the other hand the demolition of a building.

The developer must invest at least 35,000 euros and can receive a maximum of 10,000 euros in funding. The subsidy amount increases by ten percent per child, but by a maximum of 30 percent

The councillors agreed with this. Whether the municipality will also issue consulting vouchers will be decided at a later meeting.

On 3. October the municipality Gadheim organizes again the traditional farmer’s market under the direction of Klaus Sterlings. Peter Kraus explained that this time all food and beverage stands would be located in the western part of the main street. The coffee bar of the kindergarten would be set up in the fire station building. In the kindergarten itself there will again be a rich offer for the children.

The review of the two-week vacation program of the community was very positive. The 35 children had a lot of fun during the activities and the excursion.

Peter Kraus announced that from now on the field jurors will be paid eleven euros per hour. He went on to state that after the completion of sand mining west of Gadheim, a site inspection had taken place with all affected property owners and the company Newo-Bau to clarify the further procedure with regard to the partially missing boundary stones and the restoration of the field paths. Currently, an appointment with the surveyor’s office is still pending, during which the boundary stones are to be re-set.

He thanked the Caritasverein, which had completely renovated the lower bathroom in the daycare center during the summer vacations at its own expense. In addition to an additional toilet, an additional faucet and a new shower, a flushing device was installed. The total cost was just over 22,000 euros.

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