Daniel finn elected new chairman of sv wildflecken

The members unanimously elected the new board of directors. Andreas Schmid and Ralf Benkert also received such a vote as secretary. Ralf Losert and Gabriele large were re-elected as treasurers into their office as well as Horst Tong and Sebastian Hauke as Beisitzer of the managing executive committee shank. Mayor, Alfred Schrenk (SPD) wished them as well as the club all the best for the next years. He pointed out again that the municipality of Wildflecken supports the association.

The outgoing chairman informed before about the positive economic situation of the SV Wildflecken.

Rather bad development

As a bitter aftertaste, he also had to draw attention to the rather poor development in various departments. After he had presented the accountability report, he handed over the word to the individual department heads. With the help of a Power Point presentation, the situation of the individual departments was made comprehensible to the participants during the demonstration. There is also a lot of work to be done here and there due to a downward trend.

Thanks and recognition were given to Jurgen Peterek, who in 1980 as 2. Chairman began his work at SV Wildflecken. 1986 to 1. He has led the association in an exemplary and reliable manner up to the present day. The activities of Helmut Raab, who actively supported the association during his 44 years in office, were also praised. Under six chairmen, he acted as secretary, and in some cases also as minute-taker – as the "girl for everything", so to speak. The achievements of Raab and Peterek will be honored in an appropriate setting at the New Year’s reception in January 2014.

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