Habfurt district court punishes “neighborly psychological warfare with a fine

Before the district court in Hassfurt had to face on Wednesday a 61-year-old "part-time pensioner" to answer for threats and insults. He was sentenced. For many years there have been problems between the man and his neighbors, which is why they have been in court before. At that time, in February, the court had not succeeded in pacifying both parties.
Now there was a reunion in court. According to the prosecutor, the 61-year-old had threatened his neighbors in June 2016: "I’m going to kill you both!." In November he had insulted his neighbor and announced: "I’ll get you too"." Repeatedly, the 61-year-old is said to have built a kind of altar on his terrace with candles. Statements such as: "I’ll put your lights on" had fallen.
The defense attorney, Bernhard Langer, disagreed. In his opinion, the neighbor could not see and possibly not hear his client because of the overgrowth between the two properties. He also questioned the credibility of the woman. Among other things the accused had been demonstrably in the hospital on one of the dates on which he had allegedly threatened the woman.
The officer in charge of the case at the police station in Hassfurt, who has been dealing with both parties since 2015, stated that it was a case of testimony against testimony. She considers the statements of the injured party to be credible.

"I’ll finish you off"

The injured party herself, a 46-year-old employee, affirmed that since the man had announced in June that "I’m going to finish you both off", she said in an obviously distressed tone, she was very stressed and afraid. "My husband and I just want to have our peace", she said, obviously stricken. "So much has happened, I can no longer place everything exactly in time", she affirmed on detail questions of the court "I do not manage that any more. He has to wait for me, I’m not even in the garden for a minute and he already appears on the scene", said the woman still.
Her husband, as he testified, wants to have heard the insult towards his wife. Also that with the candles and the threat he had overheard. "My wife suffers greatly, our quality of life has changed negatively", he said. Because of the incidents they no longer use the terrace and have stretched privacy sails.
The Federal Central Register showed no entry for the defendant. The representative of the prosecution saw the charge confirmed and requested a fine of 80 daily rates of 70 euros each.
The defender saw it differently. He demanded acquittal, because in his opinion the accusations of the crime were in no way proven.
Judge Ilona Conver saw it differently. "This is a neighborly psycho war", she said and sentenced the accused to a fine of 2700 euros. Defender Langer immediately announced to go to appeal.

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