Kulmbach tire thief caught red-handed

Kulmbach tire thief caught red-handed

For several months, a tire thief had kept the investigators of the Kulmbach police inspection in suspense. In the entire city area numerous vehicle owners had become damaged, after which at their vehicles up to four tires "flattened" had. After extensive investigations now in the night to Saturday two 33 and 34-year-old men could be caught in the act.

Decoy vehicle parked

The trap snapped shut shortly after midnight. A police decoy vehicle was parked in the settlement and observed by civilian forces. There in the course of the series already several vehicles had been damaged.

A suspect who had already been targeted by investigators stopped his car shortly after the witching hour. After it had destroyed all tires at the parked vehicle, the assigned forces arrested it still on the way back to its vehicle without resistance.

The friend of the main perpetrator who was left in the passenger seat was also arrested. He had been the lookout during the crime. The crime tool and further knives and tools could seize the officials. The main accused admitted the current act and gave as reason personal motives.

The 34-year-old must now answer not only for several property damage offenses under criminal law. He will probably also have to pay the damage caused by him of 12 500 euros.

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