Looking forward to the favorite place in kronach

Looking forward to the favorite place in Kronach

The installation of two large trampolines and their fall protection mats is in full swing. The foundation for the pavilion stand has also already been laid. A bench is built around the pavilion as a seating area. In addition a large raft. A newly planted tree will soon provide shade on warm days, while new plantings will literally green up the grounds: The girls’ cafe’s new favorite spot on Kronach Avenue is taking more and more shape. It won’t be long before this enchanting little place is filled with new life and becomes an open-air meeting place for young people.

"In Kronach there are many favorite places", second mayor Angela Hofmann of the working group family-friendly Kronach showed up in her greeting certainly. There are several reasons why the students of the girls’ cafe chose the area on Kronach-Allee: It is located in the immediate vicinity of the city center, but is still quiet and you can hardly hear any noise. Nevertheless it is not boring or desolate and besides also by much green surrounded.

In 2015, under the guidance of the Family-Friendly Kronach working group, the girls had set out to find a public place in Kronach that would be suitable for them. After dismantling the artwork on the building, which was in need of renovation, they finally chose the area in front of the Lucas Cranach School in 2016. The students developed models for a possible use and design of the area.

After the city of Kronach had allocated the necessary funds in its budget, construction work could begin in September. These included in particular civil engineering measures. The center of the square will be two large trampolines with fall protection mats around them. Hofmann’s thanks in this context went to the Rotary Club with its chairman Matthias Rebhan and the chairman of the Rotary Hilfswerk, Andreas Wolf, who covered the costs of a trampoline. For this already just as structural conditions were created as for the establishment of a large pavilion of five on six meters.

A raft to sit on

A raft, which will soon be built together with the Neuses rafters, will serve as additional seating. A large hole has been dug in the direction of Riverside and filled with granules. Here a new big tree is planted. The old hawthorn hedge is replaced by a new one. The measures are to be completed next spring with the planting and greening of the trees.

According to Hofmann, the Family-Friendly Kronach working group has set itself the task of making a contribution to an even livelier Kronach and motivating people to join in. In addition to her, its members include architect Nicole Backer, former city councilor Mathilde Hutzl, Sabine Nuber, project manager at the Demography Competence Center of Upper Franconia, medical assistant and paramedic Sabine Scherbel, tour guide Rosi Ross, and Kristina Fritz, educational assistant at Struwwelpeter.

The goal is participation

"Such a form of design of public space in Kronach is unique", the second mayor was proud. The joy over the completion of the first construction phase is large. Nevertheless, time was not the decisive factor in the project, which was slowly developing in a continuous process. Rather, the aim was to get the target group – schoolgirls in the sixth to ninth grades – to participate and take on responsibility.

Thankfully, the project "Design your favorite place outdoors" was a success in the "Live Democracy" support program have been taken up. She thanked the VHS director Annegret Kestler as well as the full-time pedagogical VHS employee Johannes Hausmann for providing the funds.

After the short official part a merry party was celebrated. The parents’ association of the Kronach elementary school offered homemade cakes, while DJ Lorenz provided an atmospheric background.

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