New faction for lone wolves?

In the Bad Rodach city council has done a lot of things. Possibly there will be some changes: Rainer Mobus from the Future Forum (ZKF) will have to fight his way through as a lone fighter – after his list lost two seats – or choose the way into a larger parliamentary group – or form his own with city council members in a comparable situation. "At the moment everything is still open. A merger with the Free Voters (FW) is certainly a possibility", he says. Such a step seems plausible also because the ZKF is a spin-off of the FW. Ernst-Wilhelm Geiling – who will again sit for the latter in the city council – also considers such an option to be obvious: "I could imagine Rainer Mobus approaching us – before he fights his way through as a lone fighter."

However, he also considers other possibilities: "I can also imagine a parliamentary group with Klaus Geuther (SBB) and Matthias Thumser (oDP), the two other non-attached members." A cooperation with the two green city councils is also conceivable for him. "We are almost all known to each other. Before the first city council meeting, we will have found a constellation", Mobus summarizes the situation.

SPD and CSU strongly represented

With six city council seats, the Social Democrats in Bad Rodach will be the strongest force in the coming years. But the CSU also has a good starting position with five representatives. "We are the only party that has really made gains in the town council," he says, Stephan Schink emphasizes. The SPD has one seat more than last time – but with three departures during the last legislative period, it actually has one representative less than before. Thus Schink is relatively content despite the bitter defeat of Christoph Herold (CSU) in the mayor election.

Before the local elections, his party fought a hard fight. For this Schink: "After before a rather cuddly course was driven, we gave this time somewhat more gas." He stresses, however, that he and his party have always remained factual and correct.

Tobias Ehrlicher describes the election campaign as "mostly fair", refers however to the fact that individual participants wanted to make its politics for the city worse, than it is. He did not name names. He characterizes the election campaign of his party again as "realistic" and emphasizes the appropriate handling of political competitors. The voters have honored this. A result in the height (70 per cent) did not expect however it.

Conciliatory tones after the election

After both mayor and city council have been elected in Bad Rodach, the opponents are conciliatory: "The election campaign is over. The scars and wounds have to heal first – but I’m still ready to reach out to everyone," emphasizes Stephan Schink, says Ehrlicher in this connection. Schink also emphasizes that he and his party want to act pragmatically across list boundaries from now on: "We will decide with all parties involved for the benefit of the people of Bad Rodach."

Future projects in Bad Rodach

The topics, which Mayor Ehrlicher wants to bring on the agenda, are various: A future-oriented adjustment of the hot spring nature, the core way net building, the lock place reorganization, the village renewal in Elsa, the Kinderbetreuung as well as the promotion of the private housing construction are only some the points, which he calls. Absolute priority has however up-to-date the budget – straight in times of the Coronavirus and its effects. Stephan Schink refers to the program of his party with regard to important projects for the city, but does not mention anything concrete.

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