No elementary school on herzo base

No elementary school on Herzo Base

Bernhard Panzer

Not everyone was enthusiastic. "Where are our schools headed??" Bernhard Schwab (CSU) wanted to know in the city council meeting on Thursday evening. When the new construction areas on the Herzo Base and elsewhere in the city are occupied, at least 2,000 new citizens are to be expected. And their children should all go to Carl-Platz-School? For the CSU faction leader, it would be a good idea to think about other solutions as well.
The meeting dealt with the size of the replacement building for the now demolished pavilion on the site of the Carl-Platz-School. The city wants to meet an increasing number of students there with a massive new building. This is to be provided already now with a second upper floor. This is not yet necessary, but the settlement of the Herzo Base district will require more space for the foreseeable future.
Mayor German Hacker (SPD) assumes about five years until the new school building can be fully occupied. Therefore, after the end of construction in 2018, it will not be long before the reserve is also occupied. This refers to the second floor of the new building, which is already under construction but will not be used until later. This would provide space for four more classrooms.
The city council agreed with a clear majority (19 to eight) to the proposal of the administration to choose the larger variant. The cultural committee had already recommended this. The planning explained by the architect Friedrich bear would have accommodated the rooms demanded in the space program admittedly in a lower building. But then one would have stood probably in a few years before the problem of an extension. But the new building will already be correspondingly large.
The majority in the city council found this reasonable. For Sandra Wustner (SPD) the large solution saves a soon renewed rebuilding and thus annoyance. Because then the children would have to be temporarily relocated to containers. Also Peter Simon (Greens) held instruction during the rebuilding for extremely difficult, why one should avoid that.

Against changing the sprinklers

The fact that the soon-to-be 1800 new residents of Herzo Base should all send their children to Herzogenaurach was not understood by several city council members during the discussion. One should prefer Niederndorf instead. The students could use the new bike path from the Herzo Base, said Ille Prockl-Pfeiffer (CSU), and there would be room for an extension.
A change of the school district "across the Herzo Base" held mayor Hacker however for fatal. The students of the first construction phase attend the Carl-Platz-School, and the new residents a few meters further on should then go to Niederndorf? You can’t do that with Hacker.
He did not let thereby also reservations apply that the location Carl place school has already very much traffic. The fact that the new 13 meter high building impairs the local recreational value of the neighboring Wiwaweiher, noted in addition CSU parliamentary group leader Schwab. And also the idea of Christian Schaufler (free voters) to think about an own school on the duke base is not practicable. Hacker: "It is too small for that."
Hacker found it difficult to make predictions about the exact number of students in the future. However, it could be assumed that this new building, together with a possible expansion of the school in Niederndorf (three classrooms would be possible there), would provide sufficient space for the next ten to 15 years. Only then could the city council perhaps discuss again whether a school on the Herzo Base would not be appropriate after all.

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