Sarah lucas lets women throw 1000 eggs in exhibition

Sarah Lucas lets women throw 1000 eggs in exhibition

Whether as an object in still life, a natural symbol of rebirth, or even a tiny stand-in for the artist himself: The egg keeps popping up in the art world, from Paul Cezanne to Salvador DalI to Martin Kippenberger.

For her first retrospective in the U.S., British sculptor Sarah Lucas has now used 1000 real eggs at once. In New York she had women throw the chicken eggs on a white wall. The result is the large-scale work "One Thousand Eggs: For Women" and part of her exhibition at the "New Museum".

After the action, brown eggshells and orange yolks are now stuck to the wall on the second floor of the museum. "It’s not about sullying everything. It’s about being really neat and making the most beautiful egg painting," she had previously said about the work. Lucas had already organized the action a year ago in Berlin’s Contemporary Fine Arts (CFA) gallery as well as in Mexico, both on Easter. When a number of women in New York simultaneously slapped eggs on the wall, Lucas said, according to the website ArtNews, "It’s a bit like fireworks, or?"

Lucas is best known for her provocative plaster sculptures of the female abdomen. She uses everyday objects like cigarettes, vegetables and pantyhose for this purpose. Their works revolve around questions of gender, sexuality and identity, and are comical, erotic or oppressive.

The exhibition "Au Naturel" runs until early January 2019.

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