The sweet seduction at the sebaldus church

This year again, Irmgard Krammer from Grobenseebach offers her products at the east choir of Nuremberg’s Sebalduskirche and thus a bit away from the hustle and bustle at the Christkindlesmarkt. This year she shares a booth with an organic farm from Wendelstein.

Her stand with the original Regional logo nestles with still others to the choir of the Sebalduskirche in Nuremberg. Krammer has won the specialties competition of the metropolitan region under the motto "Our original" with their product "Wild berries and blossoms in jams" and of course the certificate as well as the winning product in the stand at hand.

Many regular customers

During the whole Advent season, she is the place to go for "sweet Customers. She appreciates the opportunity to be represented at the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt under the original regional logo. The acceptance of the clientele is great: "Many are happy to get products from us that they can hardly buy elsewhere!" And many are also happy to come here to a somewhat quieter region after the hustle and bustle of the Christkindlesmarkt on the main market, she says.

There are regular customers who stock up on her jams in many variations every year, others place orders and then pick them up at the stand a few days later. Her store in Grobenseebach is also well received.

In previous years, Irmgard Krammer offered mulled wine jelly as a new creation; this year, she expanded the range to include white or red fruit balsamic vinegar, chutneys and mustard variations such as quince mustard and dragon mustard with ginger and chilis. Also the mustard is made by her, she mixes the variations of mustard seeds, fruits and spices: "No 08/15, but what belongs to it!"

jam from "Zipperla

Since this year, after the very productive year 2018, many trees and shrubs have taken a break, she has opened up new areas for her jams. For example "Zipperla, These are actually wild plums, small, roundish fruits with a relatively large core from which, to make matters worse, the flesh is difficult to separate. But the taste is very good. For the first time, she also has jam made from firethorn berries in her assortment, a shrub that grows in almost every garden.

She has processed hawthorn, the plant of the year 2019, and meadowsweet, which has a mild analgesic effect, into health syrup.

"Three in the Dudla

During the Christkindlesmarkt, the tasting glasses with the sweet temptations for the customers are located in the front area of the booth. In the assortment Krammer has for example the classical rose hip fruit spread, in addition, rather unusual combinations like orange tomato fruit spread. "It tastes!" she assures. Apart from that, she has her tried and tested jam creations on offer. With pleasure the assortment is taken: "Three in the Dudla", a gift tower made of three small jam jars of different assortment. "A mixture of the whole assortment!", as she only thinks.

Of course, the name Irmis MarmeLaden comes from Irmgard Krammer. However, she can only run the stand with the support of her family, the presence in the stand is distributed on several shoulders. Krammer gets support here from her two sons.

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