Robert neubner is now honorary member

Robert Neubner is now honorary member

Robert Neubner is since Saturday evening honorary member of the horticulture and local beautification association Marktsteft. At the fall meeting, the district chairman of the local and horticultural associations was presented with the high award by local chairman Gunter Eisenhuth to the applause of those present.

"Demonstrably for 35 years, our county association chairman Robert Neubner has enriched our meetings with great speeches, good advice, many recommendations and benevolent support," Eisenhuth said in awarding him an honorary membership. Now, after 37 years at the head of the district association, a successor has been found and Neubner may well have visited Marktsteft for the last time in this function. The thanks of the association are due to the decades of goodwill of the district chairman, who a few months ago celebrated his 75th birthday. Birthday was allowed to celebrate.

Neubner feels connected to Marktsteft since his youth. In his speech of thanks, Eisenhuth told anecdotes: It started with a beating when he was caught stealing cherries in Steft, continued later with many positive experiences with the association and ended with the good cooperation with the association during the Small Garden Show in Kitzingen.


Herzogenaurach: stork gets lost in brewery

Herzogenaurach: Stork gets lost in brewery

Cornelia Heller couldn’t believe her eyes when she set off to pick up her children. A stork stalked across the courtyard of the Heller brewery. "He comes too late", the heavily pregnant woman also commented immediately on the visit.

A look at the still dark beak and the thin, but not yet red legs told her: A young bird has strayed from the right (stork) path. For their children, the long-legged creature was a "sensation". Patiently they squatted in a corner and hoped that the young stork would find a way to freedom.

But for him the brewery yard was a trap. With the short "runway Between stacks of beer crates and delivery cars, he did not manage to overcome the high walls of the neighboring buildings. Resignedly he peered into every corner to see if a takeoff would be possible there. In vain. No, the door that opened to the courtyard leads to the beer cellar. Nothing to see but kegs.

No beer for the stork

"He is thirsty, he wants a festival beer", said host Hans Heller, but he preferred to give the bird a bucket of water. That looked at himself exactly and turned away again.


Hansel and gretel in the speicherzer magic forest

Hansel and Gretel in the Speicherzer magic forest

The Pallomillas from Motten heated up at the comradeship evening of the volunteer fire department Speicherz. Their dance performance was the beginning of a foolish program. In the fitness studio, Nadja Winhold and Sandra Hohmann did not leave a good mark on their husbands during physical exercise. While one raves: "my husband is an angel", says the other "you are lucky, mine is still alive!"

Tristan Grunewald, Selina Grunewald and Chiara Schmitt explained to the audience how it can sometimes be with homework. Sometimes the father has to drink 28 schnapps so that he can teach his daughter 28:7. The play was rehearsed by Kerstin Grunewald. Next, Patrick Breitenbach alias Pat Trickster enchanted the audience with his magic show. He made rings disappear and reappear somewhere else entirely, or swallowed 28 razor blades, only to spit them out again tied together.

In the cinema Thomas Hohmann, Nadja Winhold, Sandra Hohmann, Carsten Merkel, Jacqueline instead and Daniel instead showed, how stupidly it can go sometimes with the seats, with which then the pair sits separately, with the help of the other cinema visitors however affections exchanged. Before the break still the Kinderprinzenpaar prince Luan of the 1. From Boals and Princess Ida the 1. Presented by Zeiersch. Unfortunately these represented in the evening memory z on the dream dancer ball in Bettenhausen. When it then went to the adult prince and princess, the spectators learned by extra sheet that the prince and princess of this year had emigrated at short notice to Austria.