Erlanger mega building area falls through

Erlanger mega building area falls through

Jurgen Kern stands in his field with a broad grin. "I am very happy about the outcome of the council decision", says the farmer after the decisive ballot, which took place in parallel with the state elections in Erlangen on Sunday. In the program, the citizens were asked by the city council whether they wanted "preparatory studies for a new district in the west of the city" would support.

Approximately 55 per cent of those eligible to vote voted with "no" so that the investigations decided in May by the city council to the planned mega-building area "West 3" cannot be continued. Mayor Florian Janik (SPD) has already called the vote a "defeat" and was "disappointed" shown about the outcome of the vote. "Democracy also brings defeats and this – albeit close – vote is a defeat", said Janik, who wants "affordable housing" on the 200-hectare site between Buchenbach and Herzogenaurach wanted to create.

Farmers did not believe Janik

Farmers, on the other hand, are in a jubilant mood. Like Antonius Korner, many people are still angry with the mayor. The head of the city had wanted to take the farmers by surprise and "secretly, quietly and silently" want to whip the urban development measure through the city council. In addition, Janik had "fooled" the citizens, that affordable housing would be built in the city’s western part. Many farmers can only laugh about it.


Information straight from the source

Information straight from the source

"When Hitler came to power in 1933, I was ten years old", Samuels tells. At the time, he said, he didn’t understand what was going on. As a native of Hammelburg, he had his circle of friends and also got along very well with the teachers. Until 1933, the question of religious affiliation was a minor issue.
"Just because I was Jewish, I suddenly had no friends anymore", he reports. Three years later, his family had to give up their grain business in Kissinger Strasse and moved to Hamburg. From there they managed to emigrate to the USA in 1937. In World War II, he fought as an American soldier against Germany, Samuels says.
Alfred Stuhler, also a native of Hammelburg from Kissinger Strabe, had a similar experience. "Overnight the youth was incited by the Nazis against us Jews and against system critics who thought differently", he reports. He went to the sports field with military drill. "When the blood of the Jews spurts from the knife", one had sung at that time. "But some of my classmates continued to be good to me", Stuhler remembers. On the night of the pogrom he got a punch in the eye.
"In 1938, my parents hurriedly sold the house and we emigrated to Palestine", Stuhler continues. After 16 years of farming there, he landed in Austria after the war with his wife, a Viennese woman.

Return took a long time

Two worlds meet in the auditorium: the 1930s meet the 1930s and the 1930s meet the 1930s The present. With their questions, the students from the 11th grade set out to find out more. Year class on the traces of the Zeitgeist of that time. History teacher Claudia Albrecht-Schubel acts as moderator and leader of the discussion.
"Can one be proud of being a German today??", Rebecca asks. "It has become a different people in the meantime", answers Stuhler. "When were you inwardly ready to visit Germany after the war??", Lorenz wants to know. "That lasted until 1960, but many of those affected had not made it at all", says Stuhler. "Were there regrets and apologies from old acquaintances when you saw each other again?", asks Anna-Lisa. Stuhler shrugs his shoulders. Rather not.

Misery up close

Samuels reports a warm reunion with his old childhood friend Markus Hofstetter. After several decades, they recognized each other in a fraction of a second during his visit to Hammelburg. And then the high school students are interested in whether Samuels fought in American army uniform out of hatred for the Germans. "I was 21 and an American citizen, I fought for my country USA., after Hitler’s Germany threw me out", Samuels explains. And then he tells about the Holocaust Auschwitz and Dachau, where he was active as an American soldier in the camp liquidation after the end of the war and saw the misery of mass extermination at close quarters.
The students still have many questions. For example, they want to know whether a Jew had a chance during the Nazi era to publicly deny his faith and thus escape with his skin intact. "No, in the country people know each other", answers Stuhler. "Was the hatred of Jews not questioned back then??", the students want to know. Everyone had accepted it, confirms Stuhler. And Samuels adds: "We were so young then and could not have imagined what terrible war crimes the Totenkopf SS committed.
It is of great importance to ward off the beginnings of such dangers by democratic choice and to be wide awake against renewed excesses, especially now in the days of the NSU trial. Everyone in the auditorium was in agreement.


Eibl resigns as afd district chairman

Eibl resigns as AfD district chairman

Eibl justified his step by saying that he had "no backing whatsoever" from the AfD leadership learn. The provocative theses of the party leadership around Bernd Lucke on a press conference on Wednesday had been the trigger for the step. "That’s what broke the camel’s back. With such statements I bite the towel with rage", Eibl said to our newspaper. Lucke had demanded, among other things, that the Schengen Agreement be suspended. In addition, the AfD leader gave a clear rejection to the inclusion policy and accused the established parties of lack of profile, which "reminds one a little of the arbitrariness in a swinger’s club remind.

For Franz Eibl, this is unacceptable. "This image of society is reactionary and unacceptable for people who advocate a pluralistic, liberal, open and tolerant society. The media response is quite rightly disastrous." The party leadership is obviously not clear that they "with such a performance the good and right concerns that have led to the founding of the AfD one and a half years ago, massively damaged".

In the end, the AfD leadership would harm itself "by this squinting at the edge" harm themselves the most. "Because if the party leadership blinks to the right, it only becomes interesting for people who do not want to position the AfD as a party of the bourgeois center." Lucke’s goal of being a party of common sense could not be achieved with these sympathizers. "We are alienating the sensible, level-headed members who are trying to balance things out and are committed to social tolerance."


Change of government in australia: conservatives clearly beat labor

Change of government in Australia: Conservatives clearly beat Labor

The clear winner was Conservative opposition leader Tony Abbott (55), who will be able to govern for the next three years with a whopping absolute majority. Abbott leads coalition of Liberal and National Party MPs. Labor Party likely to lose almost a fifth of its seats, according to projections.

Abbott’s first official act was to announce the abolition of the CO2 tax, which was to lead to emissions trading for climate protection along European lines. "Australia is becoming business-friendly again," he announced in his victory speech to supporters in Sydney.

According to projections, Abbott’s coalition could secure 90 of the 150 mandates. The Labor Party is expected to enter the new parliament with 56 MPs (up from 71).


A blatant loss of energy in hammelburg

A blatant loss of energy in Hammelburg

Hammelburg Volleys – SSC Karlsruhe 1:3 (25:23, 20:25, 17:25, 14:25).

The Duracell bunnies in their red-yellow-white jerseys hopped through the Saaletalhalle. In the best of moods and still full of energy. A few meters further on, the stark contrast: Hammelburgers finished, bent and slumped in on themselves. Sure, you can lose against the league leader, but there would have been more in it for the Saalestadter, who had started so formidable into this top match. Supported by 550 fans who, like the protagonists, had a taste for volleyball. The crazy good mood inspired the home team, which had to do without the injured Luca Dierks at short notice, for whom Janick Sill rotated into the starting six. In the extremely even first set, it was the later silver MVP Nils Rehmeier who kept the belief in a coup alive with strong actions.

The Hammelburg team’s body language, game intelligence and attacking power were all in perfect harmony, and in the final phase of the opening set, when they trailed 22-23, they also scored with nerves of steel – when they converted set point, the audience literally went berserk. In the cup they had to give in to the Badeners still with 0:3, now they had the Primus in the headlock – when the tank was still full. The Lower Franconians led 8:5 at the first technical timeout of set two, and 16:14 at the second. Dynamics and force were right, as was the precision of cleverly placed balls by Oscar Benner and Moritz Zeitler. But these Karlsruhe players always kept up with amazing coolness, which shows self-confidence.


Stuttgart threatened after 0:0 against copenhagen aus

Stuttgart threatened after 0:0 against Copenhagen Aus

After the uninspired performance against Denmark’s extremely defensive record champion, VfB remains last in Group E with only two points from three games. The leaders are Steaua Bucharest with seven points, Copenhagen follows with four points, the Norwegians from Molde have three points thanks to their victory over VfB.

"We said we needed three victories. We still have three games. Now we have to win all three," VfB sporting director Fredi Bobic said of the starting position. Bobic was particularly upset by a scene from the 48th minute. That was in the 52nd minute, when visiting goalkeeper Johan Wiland let a shot by Vedad Ibisevic bounce away. Substitute Tunay Torun was brought down as he followed up against Wiland, but was not given a penalty but a yellow card for an alleged swallow (48.).

"Why should I throw myself down there as a player? He can shoot the ball into the goal," said Bobic and scolded the goalkeeper, who could best observe the action from a short distance: "He stands next to it and looks stupid."UEFA could save the money for six referees by now.


Gauland doubts meuthen’s future

Gauland doubts Meuthen's future

In the internal AfD power struggle over the expulsion of right-winger Andreas Kalbitz, parliamentary group leader Alexander Gauland has questioned the political future of party leader Jorg Meuthen.

A deep rift is running through the party executive, Meuthen’s co-leader Tino Chrupalla spoke of a discord that is perceived as "self-cutting". In the midst of this dispute over direction, Pegida frontman Lutz Bachmann announced his intention to become a member of the AfD in Saxony. Bachmann has multiple convictions – including for incitement of the people.

Gauland, who is also the AfD’s honorary chairman, believes the legal clarification of Kalbitz’s party expulsion will also decide the political fate of the party’s top leadership. "If Mr. Kalbitz should not get right, before the party court or a regular court, then that is just so. But if he is proven right, then it will be difficult for those who set it off," Gauland told Der Spiegel magazine. In the dpa interview, he said Kalbitz would most likely succeed with the challenge. "I have great doubts that the board’s decision will finally hold."


Breeders exhibit young animals

Breeders exhibit young animals

Untermerzbach- At the Kirchweihwochenende took place in Untermerzbach the 33. Young animal show of the small animal breeders’ association (KTZV) Untermerzbach, Lahm and environment took place. The breeders could have their animals evaluated and were successful here. According to the chairman Helmut Schmidt, there seem to be less and less people who are interested in small animal breeding.

63 pieces of poultry exhibited

Already on Saturday the show was opened and the animals were judged. On Sunday morning then the award ceremony took place, which the chairman of the KTZV, Helmut Schmidt, made and mayor Helmut Dietz spoke a short greeting.

125 rabbits were exhibited, where also four young breeders presented their animals. A young breeder presented his animals at the poultry for evaluation. Altogether 63 pieces of poultry were exhibited. About the number of exhibited animals, which were presented in the upper floor of the breeder’s home, chairman Schmidt was pleased.


Afd politicians poggenburg and von storch defend gauland

AfD politicians Poggenburg and von Storch defend Gauland

After the outrage over AfD vice president Alexander Gauland’s comments about national soccer player Jerôme Boateng, AfD deputy chairwoman Beatrix von Storch is now causing people to shake their heads.

The European parliamentarian accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) of wanting to abolish nation states and "dissolve them in the EU". Von Storch concluded that there would then be no more European soccer championships in the future, but "only EU Bundesliga". The AfD politician was also outraged on her Facebook page on Tuesday that the accusations she had made against Merkel had been described by the media as "confused".

AfD deputy leader Alexander Gauland had caused a storm of indignation on Sunday because he had said in an interview with the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" with regard to national soccer player Boateng: "People find him good as a soccer player. But they don’t want a Boateng as a neighbor."


Police also in the bamberg area in “blue overalls

Police also in the Bamberg area in 'blue overalls

For a long time, the police officers from the state, the city and from the traffic police Bamberg have not yet put on the new service uniform. “I wear the uniform now half an hour”, Says Melanie Nublein, Police Captain of the Bamberg City Police Department. Nevertheless, the young policewoman can already say: “It wears well.”

On Thursday was announced with the police inspection in Bamberg large trying on. For the first time, the five officers in the city and state tested the uniform for its function and its external effect. They are five of 35 police officers in Upper Franconia who will be tested by 31. March 2015 to record their experiences. In Bavaria, there are a total of 500 selected police officers. The final look of the uniforms, which will be mandatory for all Bavarian police officers from 2016, is based on their impressions.

The new one is safer
At first, it feels a bit like renting a costume: The new uniforms are unfamiliar in any case. “Hard to iron, says Werner Rebhan about the impressions his wife gathered the night before. The deputy head of the police inspection Bamberg country, comes however fast again on the really serious side to speak: “The new uniforms are safer”, says Rebhan, who appeared as a leader in representative uniform. Only to this uniform tie must be carried, otherwise also no more to the long-sleeved shirt, as that was so far in the employment on the road the case. This duty is gone and that is good, says Rebhan, after all, the tie was also always a way for people who wanted to resist to strangle the police officers with it. So the new uniforms not only bring a new fashion, but also practical improvements.