Skepticism after assad’s announcement of a ceasefire

Skepticism after Assad's announcement of a ceasefire

Across the country, 23 people have been killed by the regime’s forces, including two mentally disabled brothers, it said. Tanks belonging to government forces had shelled residential neighborhoods in the rebel strongholds of Homs and Daraa.

The Syrian regime had agreed to a ceasefire on Monday nearly 13 months after protests against President Bashar al-Assad began. The so-called revolutionary committees then declared that they had decided, together with the Free Syrian Army, that the deserters would also lay down their arms if the regime actually stopped its attacks and ordered the troops back to the barracks. They also demanded that political prisoners be released. Journalists should be allowed to move freely.

The United Nations planned to send some 150 to 200 observers to Syria to monitor the cease-fire, a Western diplomat in Baghdad said. According to UN figures, more than 9,000 people have died in the conflict so far.


Loyal professional drivers

Loyal professional drivers

In a festive setting, the Kulmbach logistics company Murrmann held its end-of-year party at Gasthof Rather in Oberzettlitz. The honoring of deserving employees as well as guessing and action games provided for an atmospheric evening.

Managing directors Bernhard Murrmann and Gerhard Souza Murrmann presented the loyal professional drivers with honorary certificates from the Bavarian Association of Transport and Logistics Entrepreneurs and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, as well as gift baskets with Franconian delicacies.

For 20 years of loyalty Dieter Knarr was honored. Stefan Rodel received congratulations on his 25th anniversary with the company. Thomas Hopfer, whose way of working was compared to the precision of a Swiss clockwork, can already point to 35 years of service.


The sweet seduction at the sebaldus church

This year again, Irmgard Krammer from Grobenseebach offers her products at the east choir of Nuremberg’s Sebalduskirche and thus a bit away from the hustle and bustle at the Christkindlesmarkt. This year she shares a booth with an organic farm from Wendelstein.

Her stand with the original Regional logo nestles with still others to the choir of the Sebalduskirche in Nuremberg. Krammer has won the specialties competition of the metropolitan region under the motto "Our original" with their product "Wild berries and blossoms in jams" and of course the certificate as well as the winning product in the stand at hand.

Many regular customers

During the whole Advent season, she is the place to go for "sweet Customers. She appreciates the opportunity to be represented at the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt under the original regional logo. The acceptance of the clientele is great: "Many are happy to get products from us that they can hardly buy elsewhere!" And many are also happy to come here to a somewhat quieter region after the hustle and bustle of the Christkindlesmarkt on the main market, she says.


Schalke with new courage against galatasaray – fahrmann replacement

Schalke with new courage against Galatasaray - Fahrmann replacement

In the Bundesliga back in catch-up mode, in the Champions League still unbeaten – before the tricky home match in the top flight against Galatasaray Istanbul, the mood at FC Schalke 04 has brightened noticeably.

"We now have a huge opportunity to create the conditions to qualify for the round of 16," said sports director Christian Heidel ahead of Tuesday’s clash with the Turkish champions. "We are all looking forward to the game in an atmospheric stadium."

Against the team of coach Fatih Terim, which can count on the support of thousands of Turkish fans at the Veltins Arena, the royal blues want to build on the performance of the 3:1 against Hannover 96. The Revierclub confirmed its rising form with a home win on Saturday, especially as strikers Mark Uth with his first goal for Schalke and Breel Embolo also ended their goal drought. For the first time in almost eleven months, Domenico Tedesco’s team scored three goals in a Bundesliga match. "The mood is of course better than a few weeks ago. The boys were overjoyed to have won. Now it depends on us to continue there," said Tedesco before the final training session.


Stegaurach’s home aura broken

Stegaurach's home aura broken

In extremely sultry temperatures, SpVgg Stegaurach and FC Sand offered the 300 or so visitors a very respectable and exciting Landesliga match right to the end. The newcomer from the Aurachtal acted until shortly before the end on eye level, but missed a positive result due to lack of opportunities and had to accept a 2:4 home defeat.

The ambitious ex-Bayernliga team from Sand pushed the tempo right from the start and showed a pleasing passing game with many technical refinements. But the first big chance came from the home side, Eichhorn’s shot went over the goal (7). Minute). After that, the guests showed their dangerousness for the first time. Consequently, the opening goal for Sand was scored by Krines (16.). But the joy lasted only five minutes. The Stegaurach player-coach Eichhorn was clever on the left, and his cross Kraus bugs to the equalizer in the meshes (21.). After that, the match was relatively even. The visitors regained the lead shortly before the break. After a class move, the lively Ribeiro scored to make the score 1:2 at half time.

After the change of ends, the Stegaurach team brought in two fresh players, Scharfenberg and Makrigiannis. Bad luck had the home side, because regular keeper Czepluch had to go out with shoulder problems, he was replaced by junior Neblicht (47.). Three minutes later, the home team could equalize again: B. Oberst scored already his fourth free kick goal in the still young season from about 35 meters with generous help from TW Biemer.


“The man of la mancha” convinced in bamberg

What do an idealistic author and a mad knight have in common?? They are both the Man of La Mancha. The musical adaptation of the Don Quixote story by Dale Wasserman, Mitch Leigh and Joe Darion celebrated its premiere in the E.T.A.-Hoffmann Theater a Bamberg premiere that, although not sold out, was certainly much applauded.

The plot of the musical, which premiered in New York in 1965 as "Man of la Mancha," is quickly told: The poet Miguel de Cervantes is thrown into prison, targeted by the Inquisition. His fellow prisoners, however, are hardly less friendly to him; in the dungeon they put him before a tribunal. Cervantes’ plan: In his defense, he wants to play them his farce about Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. This is how a play within a play develops, in which scene after scene rushes across the stage.

The secret star of the Bamberg musical production is anyway the stage itself (set: Karin Fritz): steeply sloping side walls border the oppressive dungeon space, creating an even-like effect, the prisoners fall, as it were, over a train staircase into a funnel; the Inquisition is always hovering over them, sometimes opening the gates to the outside world, only to banish the light from the prison again, demonstrating its power.

Stroboscope and SS uniform

A stroboscope sends flashes of light across the stage, the seemingly heavy ceiling beams descend impressively towards the prison inmates, threatening to crush Don Quixote in his delusions. Why, however, the prison captain appears in SS-like uniform and why the prisoners with their blue and white striped suits remind one quite obtrusively of concentration camp inmates, is not clear, since it contributes nothing to the interpretation of the play.


Massacre in texas: were warning signs disregarded and serious mistakes made?

Barely three days after the massacre at a Texas church, reports of lapses before the crime and possible early warning signs are causing a stir. According to consistent media reports, the shooter Devin Patrick Kelley had escaped from a psychiatric facility in the state of New Mexico in June 2012. Two policemen would have picked him up at a bus stop in the Texas city of El Paso.

It was initially unclear how long Kelley had been in the psychiatric facility. He was stationed in New Mexico with the Air Force, which has come under pressure in the investigation following the crime at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs that left 26 dead and 20 injured. The issue is how the perpetrator was able to buy weapons even though he had a criminal record for domestic violence.

Assassin should never have had weapons

The Air Force acknowledged that the man’s criminal record had not been shared with an FBI database. The military had opened an investigation. Because of the conviction, Kelley shouldn’t have been allowed to buy guns in the first place. But he acquired a semiautomatic rifle and two handguns. He used the gun to commit the crime.


The amc starts into the oldtimer season 2019

As every spring, Christine and Hans Rainer Kienberger organized a bus trip for the old-timer friends of the Automobilclub Kitzingen. Destination was this time the German car museum lock Langenburg with Crailsheim, is called it in a report. Around 50 participants were greeted with a champagne reception after a fantastic drive through the sunny Jagst valley. Extremely rare vehicles such as the Lancia Lambda or the Lancia Astura with special bodies were to be admired there like also the state limousine Mercedes 300, with which the English Queen came to the state visit to Langenburg. Relative ties to the princely family of Hohenlohe-Langenburg are the reason for the visit of members of the English royal family. After lunch there was of course also something for the culture. A guided tour of the mighty castle complex, whose origins date back to the 12. Going back to the twentieth century. The castle with the associated museum is a jewel of the Renaissance architecture and for centuries residence of the princely family to Hohenlohe-Langenburg. Drinking coffee on the castle terrace with the breathtaking view over the Jagst valley ended the first trip of the AMC-Oldtimerfreunde and board member Walter Loschky thanked the "Kienis" warmly for the organization.


Sg stands in its own way

SG stands in its own way

The SG Kunstadt-Weidhausen women’s handball team suffered a serious setback in the fight to stay in the league on Sunday against TV Marktsteft in front of their own fans. The narrow 24:25 (10:14) defeat against the direct table neighbor fell bitterly for the team of SG coach Christine Gahn, because the hosts had made up for a 4:10 deficit from halftime 1, but made too many mistakes in the decisive phase.

National League North, Women

SG Kunstadt-Weidhausen – TV Marktsteft 24:25

Insecure and inhibited Friday& Co. In this first "endgame" the tenth-placed team in the table, which dominated the SG at will with its quick and sure passing game. But at the latest after the 4:10 (19.), the SG members pulled themselves together and showed a reaction. Steffi Kubrich directed and led her team to 7:10 (24.) before Marktsteft left-hander Ina Hertlein secured a four-goal lead for her team at the break.


If too much is demanded of the dairy cows?

If too much is demanded of the dairy cows?

No milk without a child. This is no different for livestock and is especially interesting in dairy farming. Do the cows now have to give birth to a calf every year, which is then separated from its mother in order to produce more and more milk??

"The calves have always been separated from their mothers, otherwise it would be mother cow husbandry", explains Werner Nutzel, Managing Director of the Forchheim Farmers’ Association. The suckler cow husbandry, however, serves the meat production.

In modern dairy farms in the district of Forchheim there are the so-called calving areas, where all pregnant cows have their offspring. In the first few hours or on the first day, the calf is very much with its mother, from whom it receives the beestings and who also licks her calf, explains Nutzel. Then the calf must go out, already because of the injury danger. He admits that the cow will continue to call for her calf for some time. The calf’s diet is based on "milk replacer" converted, comparable to baby food.