Flood in the district of forchheim triggers many operations

Blocking off, securing and, above all, pumping: the fire departments and the THW had operations in many places.
Twelve fire departments from the entire district of Forchheim with 115 firefighters and logistical support from Herzogenaurach, Kalchreuth and Heroldsberg were in action since 2 o’clock in the morning to fight together with the THW from Kirchehrenbach, Forchheim and Coburg against the damage caused by the heavy rain in Neunkirchen am Brand, Kleinsendelbach and Ermreuth.

Under the operational guidance of circle fire inspector Markus wolf and its circle fire masters Ludwig Baumann, Michael Langenhan, Thomas Windisch and Burkhard Bertholdt were the operational emphasis in the Brandbachgarten, at the Evangelist kindergarten and the elementary school and at the bridge culverts of the Brandbach with the TSV sports facilities. In Kleinsendelbach, especially the area around the sports field, the Muhlenstrabe and the bridge at the community connection road between Kleinsendelbach and Unterschollenbach were affected. In Ermreuth, the main street and Dachstadter Strabe formed the main areas of operation.

In Effeltrich, the state road towards Forchheim was closed for a short time due to flooding. There are also problems on the A73 freeway near Forchheim-Nord/Eggolsheim because of the danger of aquaplaning. The water level at the Schwabach in the southern district of Forchheim even exceeded the highest reporting level 4 on Friday, at the Aisch reporting level 3 prevailed.


Arts and crafts of the finest on the first advent in the waaggasse

Arts and crafts of the finest on the first Advent in the Waaggasse

Arts and crafts at their best on the first weekend of Advent at the Burggut and the Martin Luther House in Waaggasse. There goes the 11. Kulmbach artisan market, organized by Jutta Lange, over the stage. One of the highlights is the stand "Royal Featherflowers". Feather flowers, like the ones you can buy there, already adorned Camilla’s hat at her wedding to Charles.

The exhibitor is called Tien Kho. Born in Indonesia and living in Munich for many years, she makes flowers – not ordinary ones, but small portable works of art from feathers of domestic and exotic birds, such as peacocks, golden pheasants, ostriches and ducks. Feathers are shaped, artfully trimmed and made into a magical "fascinator", draped on a brooch or a hair clip – wearable by everyone, as the 78-year-old emphasizes.

The small feather flower manufactory from Munich became famous for the snow-white designer hat that Camilla Parker Bowles wore at her wedding to the heir to the British throne.


Wiesentheid grows noticeably under rmeithi

Wiesentheid grows noticeably under Rmeithi

One can only wish for such a debut as a coach: TSV-DJK Wiesentheid celebrated the first win of the year on Saturday in the first game under new coach Hassan Rmeithi: a 1-0 (0-0) at DJK Oberschwarzach. For the promotion aspirants it was already the fourth game in a row without a win. Especially offensively, the hosts had shown a weak performance.


It was quite a curiosity what had happened in Wiesentheid during the week. First, the relegation-threatened club parted ways with its coach Thomas Latteier, and shortly thereafter announced that the coaching team of Hassan Rmeithi and Ralf Habl, who were actually not scheduled to take over until the coming season, would be taking over. So Rmeithi, who is still in office and dignity with neighboring FC Geesdorf, was already at the sidelines at the guest game in Wiebelsberg. "It’s a strange situation – especially because we trained together for the first time on Thursday," the experienced trainer admitted openly afterwards.