The last piece of the puzzle for the burkersdorf st. Mary’s church

The last piece of the puzzle for the Burkersdorf St. Mary's Church

As if excitedly celebrating the arrival of the last missing piece of the puzzle, the scaffolding shakes once again briefly but noticeably. Then it is done: The cross is back at the top of the Burkersdorf St. Mary’s Church. Firmly anchored on a now also golden shining restored sphere. It is the crowning achievement of a mammoth task in the truest sense of the word.

Five years have passed since construction work began on the historic house of worship. The roof structure of the nave, the steeple and the sacristy roof had to be renovated. 245000 euros were approved by the board of the Protestant parish of Burkersdorf/Hain/Ebneth in January 2014.

Massive damage

"The renovation was necessary because rainwater and also drifting snow had penetrated into the interior through leaks in the roof", explains engineer Volker Wundisch, who accompanied the construction work as a board member of the municipality. This had led in part to massive damage to the beam structures. And they have already been through a lot. Because how old the church is, can not be said so exactly. The two dates 1154 and 1179 are mentioned. According to the Kronach church portal, however, these are difficult to substantiate. However, there is a document for the year 1350, in which the church is named and Burkersdorf is mentioned as a parish. However, it is to be assumed that the Marienkirche is much older. The two-pored nave was rebuilt in 1706 and received a new west facade. In 1834, the tower burned down to the choir vault after a lightning strike.


Beautiful pictures of a beautiful city

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful city

The bombastic Richard Strauss sounds "Also sprach Zarathustra" announce a special event. The viewer is presented with magnificent views of the city from different directions, before the view is finally "completely automatic" rests on the unique landmark of the city: The unconquered fortress Rosenberg, proud and mighty enthroned high above the roofs of our beautiful hometown – Kronach!

"The visitor may approach Kronach from the north, south, east or west, the Rosenberg fortress will immediately catch his eye even from a distance" – Accordingly, the cinematic foray of the "Public Address R" begins. Steiger" over and through our beautiful homeland "Air-Lebnis" Kronach. "In the 40-minute film you can see a lot of unique aerial shots. These are moving images – i.e. videos with completely new perspectives", explains Rainer Steiger.

About two years of work went into his latest work. Again and again, the filmmaker set out on various occasions with his copter – equipped with a built-in video camera – to capture the breathtaking beauty of Kronach on film from the air and on the ground. The result is a unique foray through the annual cycle of the city – starting with the firecracker shooting on New Year’s Day and ending with the Kronach Christmas market.


Important connection across the main

Important connection across the Main

For each guest there is a small green plush frog. A little later, Stefan Schneidawind, project manager of the Hausen hydropower plant, explained what this was all about. After a good year of construction, the completed refurbishment was celebrated on Saturday.

Wilhelm Austen, SuC managing director, spoke of a technically demanding and financially costly renovation project. Almost 4.9 million euros were invested in the new weir and the footpath across the Main River. An important link across the Main for pedestrians, cyclists and pilgrim groups has thus been restored. The construction work was facilitated by the low water level last summer. Around 900 customers have opted for the electricity produced by the Hausen hydropower plant.

The Lord Mayor of Coburg, Norbert Tessmer, congratulated the many people who use green electricity. "They are the true heroes of climate protection". Lichtenfels District Administrator Christian Meibner pointed out that the entire district from Mainroth down to Unterbrunn is shaped by the Main River. "We live here in a floodplain." Bad Staffelstein’s mayor Jurgen Kohmann is to thank for the fact that there is once again a bridge over the Main, said the district administrator.


Media institutions: extend youth protection to operating systems

Media institutions: Extend youth protection to operating systems

The state media authorities do not consider an age rating on the Internet for films and games to be sufficient for the protection of minors. Such a regulation is listed in a draft of the planned amended Youth Protection Act by Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey (SPD). The chairman of the Conference of Directors of the State Media Authorities, Wolfgang Kreibig, told the Deutsche Presse-Agentur: "I’m not sure whether the approach of age labeling on the net is still as effective as it is for carrier media such as CDs or DVDs. Mechanisms are needed here that go in the direction of technology."The media institutions oversee private broadcasting and media content on the Internet.

Kreibig cited as successful examples solutions already tested by the Commission for the Protection of Minors from Harmful Media in so-called closed systems such as game consoles from companies, where parents can make presettings to regulate their children’s media consumption. He spoke out in favor of expanding the corresponding requirements in the existing Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors in the Media. Up to now, vendors have been specifically required to use technical or other means to ensure that children do not have access to certain media content.

"One could also think of the fact that accesses to the network like operating systems must provide something like this. This would be much more effective in combination with the tried and tested age restrictions," stressed Kreibig. "They then play a contemporary role in that they are technically read and not just visible."


Fast internet for wilhelmsthal

Telekom has won the public tender for network expansion in Wilhelmsthal. Around 200 households will be able to surf the Internet at maximum speed as of the end of 2022.

The connections offer speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second for downloads and up to 500 Mbps for uploads. This gives customers a connection that offers all the possibilities for digital applications: Video streaming, gaming or working from home. It is also suitable for technologies such as virtual reality, telemedicine and smart home. Telekom will install more than 14 kilometers of fiber optic cable and six new fiber optic network distributors as part of the expansion project. The line goes directly into the house, the signals are transmitted optically.

"In the Champions League

"We are thus laying another foundation stone for the digital future in Wilhelmsthal", said Andreas Rudloff, Regional Manager of Deutsche Telekom. With this technology, Wilhelmsthal is "playing in the Champions League". As Friedrich Weinlein, the municipal contact person for Telekom technology, explained, buildings in the districts of Eibenberg, Grumpel, Hesselbach, Kammerlein, Kotschersgrund, Ludwigsland, Redwitzerhoh, Remschlitz, Roblach, Schaferei, Wilhelmsthal and Wintherleithen are supplied with the technology. As both Telekom representatives acknowledged, network expansion was not an easy undertaking, particularly because of the topography in the Wilhelmsthal community.