Foreign office warns against traveling to antwerp province

Foreign Office warns against traveling to Antwerp province

Due to a significant increase in corona cases, the German Foreign Office warns against tourist travel to the Belgian region of Antwerp.

"Warnings are currently being issued against non-essential, tourist travel to the province of Antwerp due to renewed high levels of infection," the Foreign Office announced on its website.

Previously, the provincial government of Antwerp itself had already advised against travel to the region. There, the number of new Corona infections currently exceeds the mark of 50 cases per 100.000 inhabitants within seven days. Such regions have been declared risk areas by the Robert Koch Institute.


Adventurer heidi hetzer celebrates christmas in africa

Adventurer Heidi Hetzer celebrates Christmas in Africa

Berlin adventurer Heidi Hetzer (81) wants to celebrate Christmas in Ethiopia. "There is so much to see here. You appreciate all the things we have in Europe much more when you suddenly don’t have them anymore," Hetzer told the Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

"Then you realize that none of this can be taken for granted and that we live in luxury and are not grateful." The former car dealership boss had previously traveled around the world for two and a half years in vintage car "Hudo", which caused quite a stir. She is currently traveling in Africa, which you can follow on the Internet.

Hetzer’s vehicle this time is a 1988 Toyota Landcruiser – equipped, according to her, with an engine without electronics, an elevating roof for sleeping, a refrigerator, water and a stove. The car is pasted in pink. "The ugliest color for men, so they don’t steal it from me – and if they do, it’s quick to find again."


A vacation day in…

Friederike Stark

Get out of the usual environment, see something different, discover something new. You don’t have to travel far, you can also spend a great vacation day in your home country. For example in the Habberge, more precisely in Konigsberg in Bavaria.
The best way to get there is by car to Konigsberg. A good place to park is south of the old town on the "Bleichdamm" next to the town hall (Altershauser Strabe in the direction of the town center). In the north of the small town lies the sports grounds, where there are further parking spaces (also for motor homes). Both parking lots are only a 5-minute walk from Konigsberg’s enchanting Old Town.

9 a.m.: This is also the starting point of our tour. In order to start the day invigorated, we first have breakfast.