50 1: Dfl rejects kind application – hannover 96 wants to sue

50 1: DFL rejects Kind application - Hannover 96 wants to sue

Next defeat for Martin Kind – but it doesn’t mean the dispute over the 50+1 rule is over. The 74-year-old hearing aid entrepreneur – the bogeyman of many fans of Hannover 96 and to some extent beyond – may not become majority owner of the Bundesliga soccer club.

"An indictment," the club boss called the rejection of a special permit by the German Football League (DFL). "I’m disappointed in the DFL as a company," Kind said, refusing to admit defeat.

Bundesliga clubs and 2. League will only receive a license if the respective parent club continues to hold the majority of voting shares after the professional departments have been spun off into a corporation, i.e., at least 50 percent plus one voting share. Critics see this as an obstacle to the entry of financially strong investors and, in times of astronomical transfer fees, a serious disadvantage for German clubs on their way to greater international competitiveness.


Hansel and gretel in the speicherzer magic forest

Hansel and Gretel in the Speicherzer magic forest

The Pallomillas from Motten heated up at the comradeship evening of the volunteer fire department Speicherz. Their dance performance was the beginning of a foolish program. In the fitness studio, Nadja Winhold and Sandra Hohmann did not leave a good mark on their husbands during physical exercise. While one raves: "my husband is an angel", says the other "you are lucky, mine is still alive!"

Tristan Grunewald, Selina Grunewald and Chiara Schmitt explained to the audience how it can sometimes be with homework. Sometimes the father has to drink 28 schnapps so that he can teach his daughter 28:7. The play was rehearsed by Kerstin Grunewald. Next, Patrick Breitenbach alias Pat Trickster enchanted the audience with his magic show. He made rings disappear and reappear somewhere else entirely, or swallowed 28 razor blades, only to spit them out again tied together.

In the cinema Thomas Hohmann, Nadja Winhold, Sandra Hohmann, Carsten Merkel, Jacqueline instead and Daniel instead showed, how stupidly it can go sometimes with the seats, with which then the pair sits separately, with the help of the other cinema visitors however affections exchanged. Before the break still the Kinderprinzenpaar prince Luan of the 1. From Boals and Princess Ida the 1. Presented by Zeiersch. Unfortunately these represented in the evening memory z on the dream dancer ball in Bettenhausen. When it then went to the adult prince and princess, the spectators learned by extra sheet that the prince and princess of this year had emigrated at short notice to Austria.


Ebern does not make a design specification

Ebern does not make a design specification

On Wednesday, the members of the environmental and building committee of the city of Ebern met for the meeting. The decision most eagerly awaited by all concerned the previous "Post" inn in Ebern. Many people in Ebern find it difficult to imagine that this building will soon no longer exist. Background is that the Landesbaudirektion Bayern is to get a new domicile there.

Public interpretation

The public had the opportunity to comment on the plans in the period from 6. June to 10. July the possibility of giving their opinion. Although the topic "Gasthof Post in Ebern and in the digital media always hotly discussed, came only one opinion.

A private citizen from Ebern wrote in his statement: "As was written in the textual determination, in the area that is characteristic of the cityscape … The facade and roof design of the buildings should be oriented to the surrounding buildings. However, no area was defined for this in the draft plan. Since no specifications were made for the entire area of the development plan to be amended with regard to roof shape, roof pitch and roofing as well as window shapes (Franconian format) and other facade design and only a ‘should’ regulation was used in the excerpt quoted above, hardly any architect will feel obliged to adhere to it", he argues. Shortly after the Angerbach Bridge in Kapellenstrasse, anyone who wants to rebuild or renovate, window format and layout, roof, facade design, etc., will have to take into account the existing building. by the old town statute to the smallest given. The statement goes on to say: "In my opinion, more precise specifications must be made here, at least for the area of the former ‘Post’ inn, in order to prevent a steel, glass, concrete ‘administration cube’ on the facade front in the direction of Bahnhofstrasse and Kapellenstrasse." Together with the opposite listed art nouveau villa the inn "Post" still belongs to the historical Ebern city ensemble. Therefore a possible new building should be adapted in form and cubature to the existence, demands the objector. "Concrete design specifications on the part of the city should be defined at this point in time, as there is little influence possible on the part of the city in a later architectural competition." As far as the statement of the private.


Tiger woods is ready for the 15. Major title

Tiger Woods is ready for the 15. Major title

Eleven years ago, Tiger Woods triumphed for the last time at a major tournament. Since winning the US Open in 2008, a lot has gone wrong in the life of the superstar: Private problems and protracted injuries dominated the headlines for years.

But the most famous golfer in history has never lost his appeal and charisma. At the 83. Masters Woods is back in the spotlight. At the legendary Augusta National Golf Club, the Californian is on the hunt for his 15. Major titles.

In 1997 Woods started his unique career at the most important golf tournament in the world with his first Masters victory. But the big question remains: Can a 43-year-old who has already had four back surgeries really triumph again at Magnolia Lane? Woods answered this question clearly for himself: "I have the feeling that I can win," he said at the press conference in Augusta. A challenge to the competition. It would be Woods’ fifth Masters title.


Flood in the district of forchheim triggers many operations

Blocking off, securing and, above all, pumping: the fire departments and the THW had operations in many places.
Twelve fire departments from the entire district of Forchheim with 115 firefighters and logistical support from Herzogenaurach, Kalchreuth and Heroldsberg were in action since 2 o’clock in the morning to fight together with the THW from Kirchehrenbach, Forchheim and Coburg against the damage caused by the heavy rain in Neunkirchen am Brand, Kleinsendelbach and Ermreuth.

Under the operational guidance of circle fire inspector Markus wolf and its circle fire masters Ludwig Baumann, Michael Langenhan, Thomas Windisch and Burkhard Bertholdt were the operational emphasis in the Brandbachgarten, at the Evangelist kindergarten and the elementary school and at the bridge culverts of the Brandbach with the TSV sports facilities. In Kleinsendelbach, especially the area around the sports field, the Muhlenstrabe and the bridge at the community connection road between Kleinsendelbach and Unterschollenbach were affected. In Ermreuth, the main street and Dachstadter Strabe formed the main areas of operation.

In Effeltrich, the state road towards Forchheim was closed for a short time due to flooding. There are also problems on the A73 freeway near Forchheim-Nord/Eggolsheim because of the danger of aquaplaning. The water level at the Schwabach in the southern district of Forchheim even exceeded the highest reporting level 4 on Friday, at the Aisch reporting level 3 prevailed.


A vacation day in…

Friederike Stark

Get out of the usual environment, see something different, discover something new. You don’t have to travel far, you can also spend a great vacation day in your home country. For example in the Habberge, more precisely in Konigsberg in Bavaria.
The best way to get there is by car to Konigsberg. A good place to park is south of the old town on the "Bleichdamm" next to the town hall (Altershauser Strabe in the direction of the town center). In the north of the small town lies the sports grounds, where there are further parking spaces (also for motor homes). Both parking lots are only a 5-minute walk from Konigsberg’s enchanting Old Town.

9 a.m.: This is also the starting point of our tour. In order to start the day invigorated, we first have breakfast.


Arts and crafts of the finest on the first advent in the waaggasse

Arts and crafts of the finest on the first Advent in the Waaggasse

Arts and crafts at their best on the first weekend of Advent at the Burggut and the Martin Luther House in Waaggasse. There goes the 11. Kulmbach artisan market, organized by Jutta Lange, over the stage. One of the highlights is the stand "Royal Featherflowers". Feather flowers, like the ones you can buy there, already adorned Camilla’s hat at her wedding to Charles.

The exhibitor is called Tien Kho. Born in Indonesia and living in Munich for many years, she makes flowers – not ordinary ones, but small portable works of art from feathers of domestic and exotic birds, such as peacocks, golden pheasants, ostriches and ducks. Feathers are shaped, artfully trimmed and made into a magical "fascinator", draped on a brooch or a hair clip – wearable by everyone, as the 78-year-old emphasizes.

The small feather flower manufactory from Munich became famous for the snow-white designer hat that Camilla Parker Bowles wore at her wedding to the heir to the British throne.


Pre-election worries about “anger and hatred,” especially in the east

Pre-election worries about 'anger and hatred,' especially in the east

Immediately before the Bundestag elections, the president of the Federal Agency for Civic Education, Thomas Kruger, expressed concern about the heated mood, especially in eastern Germany.

"This anger and hatred that can be seen on the streets these days already worries me a lot," he told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper. "I interpret this as an expression of humiliation and powerlessness."

With regard to the strengthening of the AfD, Kruger said: "We can only hope that we don’t experience our blue miracle on election day."According to recent polls, the right-wing populists could become the third-strongest force in parliament with 11 to 13 percent .


Rocket internet gets a billion dollars from investors

Berlin-based startup Rocket Internet plans to use fresh capital to massively expand its business in growth markets such as Latin America and Asia. The company, owned by the three Samwer brothers Marc, Oliver and Alexander, has attracted investments of around a billion dollars (just over 764 million euros) since the start of the year, co-founder Oliver Samwer told news agency dpa on Tuesday. Samwer also defended the company’s sometimes criticized business model.

Various investors put $650 million into individual Rocket startups. In addition, about 400 million for the parent company was raised last week from the two big backers Kinnevik and Access.

"The money will be used primarily for Rocket Internet’s international expansion," Samwer explained. "We are focusing primarily on countries outside the U.S. and China, where the greatest growth in Internet penetration is expected over the next five years.


Wiesentheid grows noticeably under rmeithi

Wiesentheid grows noticeably under Rmeithi

One can only wish for such a debut as a coach: TSV-DJK Wiesentheid celebrated the first win of the year on Saturday in the first game under new coach Hassan Rmeithi: a 1-0 (0-0) at DJK Oberschwarzach. For the promotion aspirants it was already the fourth game in a row without a win. Especially offensively, the hosts had shown a weak performance.


It was quite a curiosity what had happened in Wiesentheid during the week. First, the relegation-threatened club parted ways with its coach Thomas Latteier, and shortly thereafter announced that the coaching team of Hassan Rmeithi and Ralf Habl, who were actually not scheduled to take over until the coming season, would be taking over. So Rmeithi, who is still in office and dignity with neighboring FC Geesdorf, was already at the sidelines at the guest game in Wiebelsberg. "It’s a strange situation – especially because we trained together for the first time on Thursday," the experienced trainer admitted openly afterwards.